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When it comes to safety, Formula 1 considers this thing as a very important and paramount aspect in the field of racing.  The truth is that there had been countless tragedies and accidents have already occurred not only in the part of the drivers but to the spectators as well.
However, during the past few years, there have been many ways that have been done to protect people joining and taking part in the Formula 1 car race. Drivers and fans were all given what they need to protect themselves during the race.
In this regard, people taking part in the race get their needed protection, thus giving them the privilege to get rid of potential injuries while enjoying their favorite car racing sport.
The following are a number of the important safety measures that are commonly used in all Formula 1 car racing events.
The monocoque or cockpit provides the driver as his survival cell. This is basically an extra strong portion of the racing car that serves as a protective shield, a cell or a cocoon of the driver when in times accidents occur. This includes the driver’s seat and fits the exact dimensions of the driver.
Another safety measure for the driver is wearing the right and proper overall – the one that is imposed by the authorities of Formula 1 themselves. The overalls of the driver should also be combined with gloves, helmet, and boots, thus forming a seamless barrier. The overall required by Formula 1 to drivers is made up of Nomex, a kind of synthetic fiber that also protects the driver from possible fire brought up for at least twelve seconds.
Additionally, the logos of the sponsors appearing on the car are also required to be composed of the same material to discourage fire enhancement during an accident.
The HANS (Head and Neck support system) is a kind of collar that is made from carbon fiber. It perfectly fits around the driver’s neck and this protects his neck and head in the occassion of accident, crash, and collision. This solar is connected to the driver’s helmet through three straps. This allows the head to move freely while deflecting frontal impact.
Helmet size did not change but now Formula 1 helmets are made from lightweight yet stronger materials.
And of course, a 5-point harness is also found securing the driver on his seat. 5-point simply means the 5 straps that are connected to the shoulders, sides, and amid the legs respectively.

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