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Formula One Promotes Greener Technology

by on Jul.19, 2012, under Formula1, Green Cars

It has been announced during the Formula One Press Conference that there are new rules and guidelines that will be implemented which the governing body confirmed. The top class single-seater automobile racing will go green on the following year. This is with accordance to the stakeholder’s conformity to use a brand new variety of vehicles for the grand prix, which will be held in 2013. Their vision is to convert the racecars into environmentally friendly engines. They believe that it has a lesser harmful impact on the atmosphere than conventional vehicles. A green car also uses a fewer amount of fuel than the current conventional automobiles or consumes renewable power supply to stimulate its engine.  Revolutionizing technology. Formula One called it the “Green” car grand prix promotion where it is supposed to be a reflection towards the movement of the car fuel competency and to let the world be more familiar with it. Therefore, it will increase the supply and demand of these kinds of vehicles for the upcoming years and for the future generation. At this time, the Formula One race automobiles were required to use the engines with 2.4-liters-V8s, which will happen to be a history in no time. The latest style of green cars will be using turbo engines that will have control over fuel, and the supposed power recovery systems.

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Formula One World Champions Red Bull’s Alleged Illegal Holes.2

by on Jun.15, 2012, under Car Accessories, Formula1

Red Bull’s rivals started to show their protest against their floors, which on their side and opinion had a fully enclosed hole, which is seen as illegal. These alleged holes can be seen on the outer boundary of the step plane in the floor. In the end of the Monaco Grand Prix, there was no protest that is officially filed and Mark Webber grabbed his first win. FIA was aware of the whole situation and decided to act before the opening of Canada Grand Prix.

After a series of negotiations to defend their own sides, Red Bull remains to be firm that their floor is legal and they do not violate any official rules. This signifies that from the Monaco Grand Prix until today, their cars are following the Formula Standard, no more, no less.

The clarification of rules made by the FIA seems to pursue Red Bull to modify their floors. As for the Red Bull, they officially said to the public that they would change their floors anyway before the Montreal race, so the alleged illegal hole is not a big deal. This means that they do not need the aforesaid modifications on the next Canada Grand Prix.

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Formula One World Champions Red Bull’s Alleged Illegal Holes

by on Jun.13, 2012, under Formula1, Fun

After the sport’s governing body, which is the International Automobile Federation or the FIA, issued an official clarification about the rules, the Formula One champions Red Bull ought to modify their car’s floor before the opening of the Canadian Grand Prix.  A spokesman from the FIA has told Charlie Whiting, the race director and also the technical head, to send directives to all participating teams following allegations, which state that Red Bull floor, possess an illegal hole. To clear the air before the actual Canadian Grand Prix, the teams involved, particularly the Red Bull has released their own statements. Formula One regulators.
This allegation creates further arguments even with technical experts about the Formula One standards. These experts are arguing about the difference of a “hole” to a “slot”, and “fully enclosed holes” as well as “what really constitute a hole”. These holes can yield such aerodynamic benefits which “whiting set out” the allowable.
This controversy started hours before the Monaco Grand Prix last month, where Australian Mark Webber started on pole position carrying the Red Bull name. They cleared the issue by stating that it is just a misunderstanding, and Red Bull wanted to make their position or side clear. From that incident, they had numerous discussions about it.  Formula One regulators.

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Formula One Driving Facts.2

by on Jun.11, 2012, under Car Accessories, Formula1

In case you are not aware, you cannot increase the maximum limit of KERS, which is 60 Kw. What does this mean? Obviously, when it is said that you should not go beyond the limit of 60 Kw, you are obliged not to go beyond the given parameter required by the proponents and authorities of Formula One Racing.

When it comes to the materials that are being used for the race, the authorities of the racing event have also made it possible to check them out. As a matter of fact, each of the materials that have been checked by Formula One was subjected for evaluation conducted by the Formula One regulators.

When it comes to some types of significant cases like cylinder heads, the use of aluminum alloys is the basic requirement, which are imposed and allowed by the Formula One. This simply means that crankcases and pistons can also come up with aluminum alloy composition.

Finally, when the car comes with rods that are connected to other components, Formula One allows the drivers of these cars to use car rods that are made from iron alloys.

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Formula One Driving Facts.1

by on Jun.11, 2012, under Formula1, Fun, Uncategorized

Certain limitations have surpassed different engine policies and regulations to enhance practicality in the car race. Because of this, one should thoroughly understand the importance of the implementation of engine specs specifically intended for Formula One Car Race. The following are the regulations, which are meant to be followed and observed during the race.
Formula One’s engine dimensions come with certain limitations in terms of their measurements. It is so ordered that the central gravity of the motor should be something like 165 mm from the reference plane’s point. On the other hand, the crankshaft of the vehicle should not exude the limit, which is 58 mm.

The diameter limit of the cylinder bore should not exceed 98 mm, which also exude a separation length in between the vehicle’s cylinders measuring about 106.5 mm apart. The variance should be something like 0.2 mm, which is specifically regulated for the vehicle’s dimensions.
All of the speculations for these types of vehicles should have the KERS or the horsepower type of the valve. For everyone’s information, only engines that can contain 2.4 liters of fuel are allowed to participate in the Formula One Race. Along with this characteristic of the engine, the car should also exude a ninety-degree and eight-valve patterns so as to get the permission to join in the race.

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How Formula One Speculation is Selected for the Prestigious Competition

by on May.07, 2012, under Formula1, Fun, Uncategorized

How Formula One speculation is selected for the prestigious competition. When we deal with drag racing, we could not compel with the award of receiving a trophy and the race of the title shot that not everyone can claim it. Delivered for the benefit of racing and showcasing the best among the rest, Formula One stands out as a rage and fulfillment for car enthusiasts who are into steering the wheels of mechanical engineering.
Tracking back the decades when Formula One Sprint Cup race laid a tremendous concern to racing, audiences applaud only for the purpose of speed and recognizing the winner of the circuit. Until years have reached the era of modern and advance technological systems, rules, policies and other legal aspects of automobile specify the importance of racing. Furthermore, racing did not simply innovate the framework of vehicles but in a broad perspective, racing became a matter for the love of art and a twist of science.
Formula One covers the entire business to auto race marketing but do you wonder how vehicles are selected prior to the biggest circuit event? It is really a crucial selection for each driver to orient and familiarize with the general components of a motor specification.

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Gordon Murray for Car Fun

by on May.04, 2012, under Formula1, Fun

Gordon Murray is considered as one of the most popular icons in the Formula 1’s racing history. He won 5 times in the Formula 1 championships, and was also became known in the world of car racing for being a designer of cars.  He has also made it possible into making environmental friendly green cars and was able to brought highlights to the T27 after he successfully designed the T265 green car model.

Gordon has also become the head designer for the McLarens F1, the one who has created the T25 green car, which was powered by gas and was able to achieve nearly 100 mpg in the future rally, which was called Brighton to London. Meanwhile, the T27 green car comes with a new feature such as electric motor and it is completely green in terms of its looks.

For everyone to know, Formula 1 will never be the same again because this popular car racing event will take its toll to be all green in the coming years particularly next year. This event is based on the agreement of the stakeholders, ruling the use of a new type of engine for the grand prix event, which has been set for the year 2013. It is more likely that the usual Formula One car racing event will be transformed into an environmental friendly and next generation car racing in the days ahead. 

According to Formula One green press announcements, the car racing event will come up with a new set of rules imposed by the FIA and was already confirmed by the car racing’s governing body. Meanwhile, Mercedes Benz and Ferrari were hesitant of the move simply because they believe that this would mean additional cost for their cars and this is considered an unnecessary expense on their part.

The set of new rules has already been announced and was already agreed by the event’s committee. Although the declaration has already been foretold, the spokesperson of Ferrari has said that if the declaration has not been declared by the event’s world council, people behind Ferrari would definitely be surprised.

This particular kind of development is definitely adding more cost grounds and Gordon has some more new concerns about this plan. He mentioned that if there will be some agreements to do, all of the involved entities in the car racing event will have to talk and work together accordingly.

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Alfonso Unlikely Winner of the Malaysian F1 Leg

by on Apr.10, 2012, under Formula1, Fun

After the results of the F1 run in Spain, no one would have guessed that Fernando Alonso would end up atop the championship charts with five points left to spare before the next in line equalizes. With poor performances on the first two pre-season races, Alonso’s plan was to run the next races using a damage limitation mode. But in the Malaysian GP, Alonso scored twenty-five huge points right at the moment when Ferrari had no inkling that their car is actually going to win.
Aside from Alonso, there were other interesting occurrences in the Malaysian F1 leg. Perez, who was also racing on Ferrari engines won second place. His second place performance may have been brought about by a smart decision to enter the pits towards the end of the first lap when the car became wet. Other cars decided to pit after three or four laps and that resulted in Perez establishing himself on third with the McLarens ahead of him. The weather continued to deteriorate and the safety car was set out to neutralize the race. Another amazing run was shown by jean-Eric Vergne on board a Toro Rosso. He started the race at the 18th place and found himself at 7th after a free tire change. Hamilton tactically went into the pits first during the 14th lap but somehow he could not be released safely because of heavy traffic and that had cost him the leading position to Alonso. Strangely, the Ferraris driven by Perez and Alonso always had the advantage over the McLarens and the Sauber. All of a sudden, there is doubt whether the McLaren MP4-27 really had enough features to outrun the Ferrari and it may be stiff compared to the very complaint features of Ferrari especially on wet tracks.
Hamilton finished third for the second week consecutive and Mark Webber ended fourth for the second week in a row as well. However, there is no reason to discount the 2007 champion Kimi Raikonnen who has been consistent in the past few races although he really has to do something drastic in order to register on the radar. The Lotus driver is set to battle it out on all fronts. Mercedes-riding Schumacher was the only flag carrier for Mercedes Benz who went home with race points and he has been showing off consistently in the qualifying races.

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The Formula One 2012 Season

by on Mar.27, 2012, under Formula1, Fun

So far, the forthcoming 63rd Federation International Automobile Formula 1 season is going to be the longest running season in history. The new season will feature 20 races starting with the Qantas Australian Grand Prix on March 18 in Melbourne, Australia. The second week is the Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix at Sepang International Circuit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The surprising comeback of the US Grand Prix is undeniably one of the highlights for this new season. The said race is set to take place at the Americas Circuit located at Austin, Texas. Meanwhile, the Grand Prix of Bahrain is also returning after its cancellation last year. Sebastian Vettel, a 2-time world champion will be defending this title as the World Driver’s champion for this year’s season. According to the reports, the 2012 Formula One World Championship is composed of 12 competing teams with 24 race drivers vying for the championship title. Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg represent the AMG Mercedes Petronas F One lineup. The team would be using the FO Mercedes 108Z engine and F1 W03 chassis. Meanwhile, the defending winner will be representing the racing team for Red Bull powered by RS27 Renault 2012 engine and RB8 chassis. Vettel will be joined by British race driver, Mark Webber. The Williams F1 Team is going to use RS27 Renault 2012 engines for this season and the following year as well. The Williams team won several championships in the previous seasons with the use of the Renault engines. The 2012 Formula One World Championship anticipates a huge makeover. In fact, there are several new team names to be launched this new season including the Caterham F1 team, the Lotus F1 team and the Marussia F1 team. In December last year, Mercedes GP switched its name to Mercedes AMG. The new team name is based on the company’s flagship luxury car brand recognized as the Mercedes-Benz AMG. Meanwhile, there have been numerous changes of race drivers for this long-running season. Charles Pic will be joining the Marusssia team while Russian racer Vitaly Petrov joins Caterham this season. The 2012 FIA Formula One season sets a record-breaking 20 rounds running for the entire year. The most anticipated United States Grand Prix is scheduled on November 18 later this year. This race will be the 19th round next to the Abu Dhabi Etihad Airways Grand Prix in Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. The last round will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on November 25.

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Murussia Gives a Sneak

by on Mar.21, 2012, under Formula1, Fun

Lucky are those who have witnessed the unveiling of Murussia Formula 1 for this 2012 season. The event was held at the Silverstone when the Costworth-powered racer was seen by media and car racers fans during a promotional event. The crowd there also witnessed driver Timo Glock drove the car and showed off its paces.
For those who have missed the event, Murussia team posted images of the car on their twitter account to give fans the chance to take a look at the formula 1 car. The move was a patch-up effort for Murussia’s MR01 failure in FIA crash test a week ago. The team also pulled out their scheduled F1 testing in Barcelona to avoid fans and critics speculations.
However everything seem to be running smooth with the former Virgin team when the car only failed one out of 18 tests– rear impact test and the team is determined to pass it so that the team car join the opening grand prix in Australia and hope to be in this new season for 2012 this coming March 18.
Pat Symonds, the team technical consultant confirmed that the test in question has been cleared during an unobserved crash test. The added that the car just has been performing inconsistently during an observed test but all of these has been given prompt attention.
He again asserts that the failure is marginal and the whole team is not ignoring it and they’ve been working to erase that marginal inconsistency. In fact he said that they’ve been delivering the best solution to keep up the car’s paces.
Murussia is scheduled to do a filming day running on a maximum 100km alongside with another Spanish outfit HRT. Both teams has not done any serious testing but it’s in the rule that any team can be allowed to do filming day but with restriction of using demonstration tires and can only do the filming day on Monday or Tuesday only.
The Murussia is happy with a 17 passed tests and although they’re still skeptical on what will happen in Australia when they will be racing without pre-running their new car. It is a struggle that the team has been working on. They are focusing on repeating and passing the crash test and have cancelled their participation in the final pre-season test.
Murussia is founded in 2007 as a Russian supercar marquee and first entered in 2009 Formula 1 as the other half of Virgin Racing. In 2011 F1 season, the team was renamed as Murussia Virgin Racing and has long-term technical partnership with Mclaren. It has a 14th place record best finish in 2011 F1 season.

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