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Ford Focus 1.0: A Magnificent Piece of Green.2

by on Jun.19, 2012, under Formula1, Fun, Green Cars

Real-Time Fuel Efficient
Ford clears some misconceptions about the “fuel efficiency” feature of green cars. Most green car enthusiasts are puzzled when they are presented with facts about the fuel consumption of both green and hybrid cars. Actually, the efficiency will only be maximized based on the driver’s usage and driving mechanism. Ford assures all its clients that their new Ford Focus 1.0 will give nothing but real-time results regarding its fuel efficiency.

The Dawn of the New Era

As the Ford released the smallest engine in green cars, it already claimed numerous positive results and expected buyers. Is it the start of a new generation where the smallest engine is the coolest? We will all know in few years. But one thing is certain, green cars cannot be stopped from its rampaging pace.

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Ford Focus 1.0: A Magnificent Piece of Green

by on Jun.19, 2012, under Formula1, Fun, Green Cars

Recently, the Ford Company has taken another notch in the green car industry; a revolutionary modification that nobody in the market can match. Surely, this will leave a mark in the global green car industry. The evolution of engine downsizing is led by Ford for many years now, and today, one of their Ford Focus possesses the smallest engine among all their green car versions. Many critics had already reviewed it as “remarkable” as well as “breaking limits” in terms of engine size. Ford had done it again, by producing the tiny 1 liter engine. From the combination of new technology and innovative ideas about lowering the fuel consumption as well as the emission of carbon dioxide, this Ford Focus is now at the front of the march. This car is literally a life-changing one and acts as a reminder that there are no impossible things when it comes to preserving our planet.

Powerful yet Economical

In its basic sense, smaller engine requires less fuel. The Ford Focus 1.0 helps it driver to be more economical on his/her daily driving.  From the Ford’s previous 1.6 liters engine, this new 1-litre one is really ground breaking. If you are thinking that this small engine can’t do much or can’t produce enough power to fill your daily driving needs, you will be surprised to know that Ford Focus 1.0’s engine literally maximizes its power while maintaining its non-reduced fuel consumption like the 1.6-litre non-turbo engine. Also, if you are thinking that it is one of those green cars that only promise to be fuel efficient but in reality they’re not, Ford Focus 1.0 is a real deal. As a matter of fact, it can literally prove to you once you try them by yourself. Formula One News.

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