The Danger Car Roll and the Calmest Women Was Captured by the Dashcam

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Unexpected incidents can occur anytime especially when it is related to car, you better have to be extra caution for this. The accidents with such high tech gadgets and technologies are quite common. Don’t be the target of it by during the car rashly. Watch out this amazing video in which how the woman faces the car roll over due to some issues but the way she has handled it is simply amazing. Thought the car rolled over entirely but, she faced the situation in the calm and composed manner. Hence, by any chance if such situation ever arises in your life, don’t worry, you can handle up this situation in much convenient manner just the way this women handled it.
Know the Story
The problem of this incident was the judgment of the women that she missed out. Thought the car rolled out completely but there was no harm that occurred to her. She was in complete couscous state and was not injured at all. You can certainly not expect your self-getting caught in the middle of the highway when is raining so badly and all of a sudden the tire of the edge of pavements gets busted out due to which your car gets flipped. The women thankfully, had an idea on how to handle the situation. Hence, you are avoided to keep yourself updated with such knowledge and ensure that you follow the same technique when it happens.
Things to take care of
What she did was she kept both her hands on the wheel in such a way that she did not tuned to any other side when the car got crashed up. Due to this, she got protected from getting crashed to the window side. Then always ensure that the interior of the car is all clean. Avoid keeping harmful things that can affect you and be carefully about the oil-covered roads that are generally extremely slickly.

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Car Spoilers

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When most people think of automobile aerodynamics, they envision a car in the wind tunnel with a smoke wand showing how the air flows over the car.
Custom style spoilers were created to improve performance of race cars. The spoilers were built to ensure that the vehicle’s drive is as smooth as possible and many automobile enthusiasts insist on having them installed on their vehicles. CARiD has many custom style spoilers as well as any other part or accessory you could imagine on your vehicle for a very reasonable price.

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Volvo XC60 – On the Way to Touch your Hearts

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Feel the Elegance back in Volvo XC60
Volvo XC60 – The inside story
Safety is meant for selling and no one knows it better to sell except Volvo. It has become the best company in launching SUV’s and normal sports and luxury cars. But, it has added a new star to its innovation by introducing Volvo XC60, which is said to be the best SUV till date in this world of cars. They are mostly useful in a perfect car driving experience with its sports look from the exterior side and stylish design in the interiors.
Features of Volvo XC60
Volvo XC60 is powered by 3.2L turbocharged V6 engine along with a six speed automatic transmission speed which is enough to travel rough and greater distances smoothly.2013_volvo_xc60
It also provides you with a standard recharging outlet of 110 volts which helps to complete charging within 7.5 hours.
If you think pulling a trailer can be done then yes Volvo XC60 does not disappoint you as it has a towing capacity of about 3300 LB.
An incredible combination of 240 HP and 236 ft. torque is just what an SUV like Volvo XC60 actually can give you as its best feature.
Svelte Journeys on the way
Volvo XC60 offers you the best safety measure by a feature called “City Safety”. When this feature is activated it senses the distance of the Volvo and the other car to avoid any kind of crash and gets the Volvo to a stop within seconds but if the Volvo is at higher speeds then there are less chances of this being successful. So, the other way you can enjoy a swift ride but with some extra precautions as well. The best part about Volvo XC60 is that it can travel better on snow covered roads, rough muddy terrains or even on hills.

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Formula One Driving Facts.1

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Certain limitations have surpassed different engine policies and regulations to enhance practicality in the car race. Because of this, one should thoroughly understand the importance of the implementation of engine specs specifically intended for Formula One Car Race. The following are the regulations, which are meant to be followed and observed during the race.
Formula One’s engine dimensions come with certain limitations in terms of their measurements. It is so ordered that the central gravity of the motor should be something like 165 mm from the reference plane’s point. On the other hand, the crankshaft of the vehicle should not exude the limit, which is 58 mm.

The diameter limit of the cylinder bore should not exceed 98 mm, which also exude a separation length in between the vehicle’s cylinders measuring about 106.5 mm apart. The variance should be something like 0.2 mm, which is specifically regulated for the vehicle’s dimensions.
All of the speculations for these types of vehicles should have the KERS or the horsepower type of the valve. For everyone’s information, only engines that can contain 2.4 liters of fuel are allowed to participate in the Formula One Race. Along with this characteristic of the engine, the car should also exude a ninety-degree and eight-valve patterns so as to get the permission to join in the race.

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How Formula One Speculation is Selected for the Prestigious Competition

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How Formula One speculation is selected for the prestigious competition. When we deal with drag racing, we could not compel with the award of receiving a trophy and the race of the title shot that not everyone can claim it. Delivered for the benefit of racing and showcasing the best among the rest, Formula One stands out as a rage and fulfillment for car enthusiasts who are into steering the wheels of mechanical engineering.
Tracking back the decades when Formula One Sprint Cup race laid a tremendous concern to racing, audiences applaud only for the purpose of speed and recognizing the winner of the circuit. Until years have reached the era of modern and advance technological systems, rules, policies and other legal aspects of automobile specify the importance of racing. Furthermore, racing did not simply innovate the framework of vehicles but in a broad perspective, racing became a matter for the love of art and a twist of science.
Formula One covers the entire business to auto race marketing but do you wonder how vehicles are selected prior to the biggest circuit event? It is really a crucial selection for each driver to orient and familiarize with the general components of a motor specification.

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The Latest F1 Cars

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As the initial day of the pre-season testing nears its conclusion at the Jerez circuit in Spain, nine Formula teams have released photos and details of the type of cars that they will be using on this year’s F1 World Championship.

Odds on: Sebastian Vettel (right) is favoured for a third title with Mark Webber runner-up

Much to the disappointment of car designers and aestheticists, the F1 managing committee has imposed the installation of what is tagged as the “stepped nose” and all the participants are forced to comply.

Red Bull Racing has been the league leader in F1 races over the past few years. This year, the RB8 will still be driven by championship drivers Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel. The Red Bull Racing has recently teamed up with Infiniti and that is the reason why its logos will figure prominently in the car’s chassis and the airbox. There is also a noticeable revision on the RB8’s recognizable yellow, blue, red, and white speed lines, which will remind everyone of the racing colors used by Martini.
This year, team McLaren will be parading its MP4-27 and it will be driven by Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. The MP4 will not be incorporating the stepped nose required revision in its car. Its lower chassis floor allows the McLaren model to avoid the unwanted addition. And this year, McLaren will still be carrying the red and chrome red colors, which have made the car highly identifiable even from afar.
Peter Stevens of Brabham cars fame and Daniel Simon who was responsible for the HRT livery last year were involved in this year’s Sauber C31 appearance.

Mike Epps and Michael Crichton.

With these two car design champions, it is always intriguing to see what kind of machines they are bringing in each F1 race season.

Last February 3, racing enthusiasts were able to take a glimpse on Force India’s 2012 F1 entry VJM05 at the Silverstone circuit. Drivers Nico Hulkenberg and Paul di Resta will be driving the white, orange, and green-colored car.
One of the most awaited appearances in F1 races is that of the Ferrari entry this year. At Maranello, Ferrari launched the F2012. Nevertheless, many were put off by the remarkably angled nose, which, for many, has made this year’s Ferrari the ugliest among its rivals. Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean will be driving for Lotus this year and they will be maneuvering the latest Lotus E20. Last year’s exhausts have been removed but the gold and black livery still remains.

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Formula 1 Car Aerodynamics

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When you talk of Formula 1 cars and the F1 race, the science of aerodynamics will definitely form part of the conversation. Aerodynamics plays a very vital role in enhancing the Formula 1 car’s pace and grip.

Star of the Retromobile Show

This science dictates that in order to attain maximum speed, a vehicle has to have optimum downward force and the least drag possible. But lately, the FIA has imposed a few revisions in their rules regarding the allowable design on F1 cars clipping away the winglets and other aerodynamic components.
One of the reasons why Formula 1 cars can accomplish so much speed is because of the material used in making the vehicle’s body. The body of Formula 1 cars is usually made from ultra-lightweight materials such as carbon fiber. Nevertheless, since there is a minimum weight requirement imposed by the Formula 1 ruling body, constructors attach ballasts onto the cars. Aside from weight compliance, these ballasts provide a way of evenly distributing the weight making the car more stable even when driving fast on sharp curves.
For so long, Formula 1 cars have been powered by 3.0-liter V10 engines but in 2006, FIA imposed the use of the 2.4-liter V8 engines. And to further reduce fuel consumption among its racers, Formula 1 cars are now only allowed to run on engines limited to 19,000 rpm.

Star of the Retromobile Show

Add to this the rule that only iron alloys and aluminum are to be used as materials in constructing Formula 1 cars.
The world championship for Formula 1 is a series of races held in various circuits and they are called Grand Prix races. There are special venues for Formula 1 races but in other areas such as the Monte Carlo Grand Prix and the Monaco Grand Prix, the races are done in the streets. Although the Grand Prix races are now done in various parts of the world, the center of Formula 1 activity is still in Europe where these races all began. Some of the oldest venues for the Formula 1 Grand Prix races include the Monza Circuit in Italy and the Silverstone Circuit located in England. But the other new circuits offer unique racing opportunities. Take for example the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia famous for its extended straight roads offering more opportunities for the F1 drivers to strategically overtake their rivals. The makers of the Bahrain Circuit spared no expense in building a high tech desert track while the Japanese Suzuka Circuit has always been known to be quite a challenge for F1 drivers.

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