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Ford Focus 1.0: A Magnificent Piece of Green

by on Jun.19, 2012, under Formula1, Fun, Green Cars

Recently, the Ford Company has taken another notch in the green car industry; a revolutionary modification that nobody in the market can match. Surely, this will leave a mark in the global green car industry. The evolution of engine downsizing is led by Ford for many years now, and today, one of their Ford Focus possesses the smallest engine among all their green car versions. Many critics had already reviewed it as “remarkable” as well as “breaking limits” in terms of engine size. Ford had done it again, by producing the tiny 1 liter engine. From the combination of new technology and innovative ideas about lowering the fuel consumption as well as the emission of carbon dioxide, this Ford Focus is now at the front of the march. This car is literally a life-changing one and acts as a reminder that there are no impossible things when it comes to preserving our planet.

Powerful yet Economical

In its basic sense, smaller engine requires less fuel. The Ford Focus 1.0 helps it driver to be more economical on his/her daily driving.  From the Ford’s previous 1.6 liters engine, this new 1-litre one is really ground breaking. If you are thinking that this small engine can’t do much or can’t produce enough power to fill your daily driving needs, you will be surprised to know that Ford Focus 1.0’s engine literally maximizes its power while maintaining its non-reduced fuel consumption like the 1.6-litre non-turbo engine. Also, if you are thinking that it is one of those green cars that only promise to be fuel efficient but in reality they’re not, Ford Focus 1.0 is a real deal. As a matter of fact, it can literally prove to you once you try them by yourself. Formula One News.

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Formula 1 Racing Event Goes Green

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If you have already heard of the name Gordon Murray then you must have distinguished him immediately if you are a fan of Formula One. Yes, Murray is included as one of the most popular icons in the racing events held by Formula One. 

In fact, Murray is a five-time champion in Formula 1 racing events. But his legacy of being a five-time champion has not stopped him from liking Formula 1 Racing events. In fact, he has now managed to become another interesting icon in the field of designing cars.

His career has been shifted today as a designer and creator of green cars. As a matter of fact, Murray has been able to highlight T27 model after he has successfully designed his very first t25 model.

Murray has also turned out to be the official head designer of McLaren’s Formula 1 who also created the T25, which has achieved close to 100 mpg on a rally, which was called as Brighton to London.

On the lighter side, the T27 model now comes with an all-new electric motor feature. This car seems to be very exciting and interesting because it is a car that’s totally green in its own right. 

Next year, Formula 1 will never be the same again as it is expected to go all green. This concept is based on the agreement of the stakeholders to make use of the brand new types of engines for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which is set next year.

In account to these amazing concepts, the Formula 1 racing event is going to be officially transformed into an eco-friendly and next generation race cars of the future.

The Green advocacy for the grand prix is believed to be based on the different trends of the cars on the road in terms of fuel efficiency. This is to make Formula 1 green car racing event as a recognizable event in the world of car racing.

In account to this, this will also augment the supply and demands of these specific types of engines in the years to come. This is especially true for the coming generations in the future.

As of the present days, Formula 1 race cars make use of 2.4 liters V8 and this is going to become a great history in the field of Formula in the near future. With the Green cars expected to hit the Formula tracks, you will see them in 1.6 liters along with 4 cylinders and recovery systems.

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Green Car News

by on Feb.23, 2012, under Formula1, Green Cars

T25 and T27

Gordon Murray, five-time Formula One champion and current Head Designer of McLaren’s F1, is now into making green cars. His very first pet green car was tagged as T25, and now he has come up with a newer version called the T27.  As Head Designer of McLaren for F1, he achieved a feat that no man has ever done – built a car that runs on a hundred miles to the gallon.  It was the T25, and the T27 promises to do better. Equipped with an electric motor, the T27 is considered as a green car in every aspect.

Next year, Formula One racing is already geared to set the green setup on its guidelines next year. Stakeholders all agreed that they would be utilizing new types of engines for the Formula One race in the year 2013, hence, the mixed reactions coming from car manufacturers. However is already set to transform the popular event into an eco-friendly next generation race as soon as it can be done. As announced by the federation Internationale de l’Automobile or FIA, its governing body is setting new rules on the coming F1 races.

Nevertheless, Mercedes and Ferrari are putting their green car projects in the backburner stating the fact that moves to alter their current engine design will mean additional expense at a time when Formula One concurred in the plan to reduce cost. Ferrari even mentioned that it would be surprised if the plan to go green on the engines pushes through. But, in the event that it does, they will work with it as agreed by the council. It is obvious that the Formula One organizing group wants the world of racing to know that they are hell bent on advocating car fuel efficiency and push for concrete actions in the move to make their cars eco-friendly.

Gordon Murray T25

In fact, the 2.4liter V8 engines that Formula One race cars use today will not be utilized soon. In lieu would be the much “greener” 1.6 liter four cylinder turbo engines designed with fuel control and energy recovery systems. The F1 organization is noticeably geared towards the promotion of green technology in their cars as well as the utilization of cleaner, eco-friendly fuel, and they intend to set this standard for years to come.

Hurray for Gordon Murray and his super efficient T27. Hurray for a cleaner, more fuel efficient F1 races.

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How Green Cars Transform the Way we Live

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It is amazing to see how vehicles today transform the way we live in reaching our destination from our home to school, work place or in the mall. However, in a retrospective point of view, car companies focus so much attention in innovating performances of engine, wheels and aerodynamics features to make it as light as possible yet durability and quality remain intact. Due to the erratic changes in our environment, pollution detriments our ecosystem brought about from car exhausts, factory fumes and industrial output waste. Thus, mechanical engineers have set the limits further to a new generation in inventing green cars not only for the benefit of the society but ultimately for the environment. 

Electric cars have already been made before but it did not attract the market of car industry. Probably, the mechanics were not pleased by car enthusiasts because of its snail-pace performance, lack of premium components for batteries and its price. Until the birth of biodiesel, people have open up the gates to modern and new driving for the environment. Companies like Verenium and Nova Biosource are currently building a better provision for renewable energy source and utilizing organic matter to help reduce petroleum oil and gas.

Green cars are immensely a trend now for hybrid cars. Literally, it is persuading the auto industry to activate the real mechanics of high-class dynamics. For instance, luxury cars such as Porsche, FIAT, Chevrolet, Mercedes and BMW are reinfusing turbo-charged batteries from various brands. Imagine if gasoline stations are loading electrical ionic charges rather than petroleum diesel, then conjugating fuel consumption will be less.

Because electric cars are the best highlights in runway car shows nowadays, meet these prestigious specs from the latest release of three best buys in the list: BMW, FIAT, and Ford 

BMW stormed the market when model ActiveE release its hybridized specs. With a hybrid synchronous motor built in a horsepower of 170 unit and 250 lb/ft of torque, this green vehicle achieves its record to emit zero unit of carbon dioxide. Though the key features weigh to a total of 1, 500 kilograms, BMW Company targets the driving range to the ActiveE model to 240 kilometers upon fully charge.

Gucci’s FIAT 500 of 2012 edition is simply overwhelming. Forget about fashion accessories and clothesline, this retro green car customizes the art of driving with High MPG green factor.  Fiat’s 1.2-liter 69 bhp engine offers light driving and firm suspensions. However, should you decide for a long journey with Fiat, automotive adviser recommends the 1.3-liter MultiJet diesel at the level of 95 bhp to prevent driving strains.

The Ford Focus SFE attributes one of the common green car series in America. This High MPG sedan maximizes the use of family at an affordable price. With Powertrain Control Module as engine electronics, 160 units of horsepower and 146 lb/ft of torque, the vehicle is explicitly versatile. In addition, the Focus SFE receives 28 MPG City and runs at 40 Highway MPG.


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Green Cars for a Healthy Environment

by on Feb.17, 2012, under Car Accessories, Green Cars

Introducing the new F1 eco-green car model called the Air Car. The major highlight of this newly designed F1 car is the anti-pollution feature because it simply can work in clean air. Tata, an India-based company manufactured the new Air Car model. This latest car breakthrough is solely developed by a F1 McLaren who is a previous engineer and designer of F1 cars.  
The Air Car uses a so-called compressed air as fuel, which is present in 340L carboxylic cylinders and generated through a particular compressor as well. The most efficient way to refill and recharge the car is to connect the car’s compressor into a standard socket. The new Air Car has a maximum speed of 100 km/hr and can cover a range reaching the max of 200 kilometers between full refueling for 2 times. The appearance of the first Car Air by Tata was in 2008 specifically shown at the Indian Auto show rooms. The company is planning to produce air cars at least 6000 units every year and they are eyeing to export these remarkable cars in more than 10 countries worldwide including South Africa, Israel, Germany, and other major countries. There are other green eco-cars that are running with methane. Methane is considered to be a more pure fuel substitute compared to petroleum gasoline. Methane is often referred to as a dominant source gas that calls for the universal climate changing. The creation of the so-called “biogas” begins on combustion where the gas releases carbon dioxide, which results to a lesser green house effect in contrast to methane. Hence, it discharges lesser emissions every unit produced energy compared to coal or such other source of fuel. Methane can be easily acquired on animal and garbage dumps through this process. Through this process, we are basically combating with the sudden climatic changes.  Thus, biogas is considered to be the best perspective transitional phase towards ecology conservation with the use of biogas, then the use of bio-fuel mainly for hybrid engines. Green ecological cars may vary because of the visible presence of the so-called Gear box where methane is stored in a specific cylinder.
The demands of the bio cars are increasing especially in most European. The price of the Bio-fuel or ethanol is also increasing which is mainly used for public transportation nowadays. Today, many European nations are promoting the use of bio-fuel and eliminating the dependence on the traditional petroleum gasoline. The future of bio-automobile is now apparent with the emergence and supply of ethanol worldwide.

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The Best Green Cars for 2012

by on Feb.14, 2012, under Car Accessories, Formula1, Green Cars

The Ferrari 458 Italia is certainly in a league of its own with its unique exterior and interior color scheme patterns and designs. Lapo Elkann is the current manager of brand promotions at Fiat Automobile who introduced the Ferrari 458 Italia as one of his best car collections. It features 2 variations of the Fiat 500 and the Ferrari California. One of the highlights of the Ferrari 458 Italia is the fully green camouflage seats. It has the most exceptional interior design that you would definitely consider as overkill. The camouflage green patterns include the steering wheel, door trims, the dash accents and the seats as well.
One of the most anticipated supercars to be released anytime this year is the new Lexus LFA Nr 250. This new model from Lexus features a unique combination of white interior, green exterior trim, as well as the yellow painted brake calipers. As you all know, Lexus continues to deliver and produced LFA supercars to many countries all over the world. The new green Lexus LFA Nr 250 has already been out in the US market and the first lucky owner is yet to be revealed this year.
The Tesla Roadster was last spotted in Montreal Canada by a local reporter in December last year. It certainly stands out especially during extreme weather conditions at any time of the year. One of the greatest highlights of the Tesla Roadster is the so-called electric green paint that is very glossy and neat-looking exterior coating.
The most outstanding supercar for this year 2012 is the 1,000 horsepower Lamborghini Murceilago Roadster which is also referred to as the green machine or the so-called project go green. The Lamborghini Murceilago Roadster features a matte green paint and has a twin turbo and a massive 1,000hp engine. It is also considered to be as one of the wildest supercars that have been ever created considering its sheer power and the stunning looks as well. Nobody can steal your thunder when you drive this extreme-looking and sophisticated supercar.
One of the latest releases this year is the Alpina BMW 2012 B3 GT3 with the famous German car specialist. The new Alpina BMW B3 GT3 features a twin-turbocharged 6-cylinder and 3.0 liter engine, a new silencer rear, the increased output of 8hp, direct petrol infused engine, and the classic design elements of Alpina’s previous car models.

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Car Fun/ Green Cars/ Formula 1

by on Feb.01, 2012, under Formula1, Fun, Green Cars

One of the most prominent icons in the history of Formula One racing is known as Gordon Murray. He is a 5-time Formula One champion and a car designer, has turned into making green cars and able to highlight the T27 model after designing the first model called T25. Gordon became the McLaren’s F1 Head Designer who created the gas powered T25 that was able to achieved almost 100mpg on a future rally called the Brighton to London. On the other hand, the new T27 has a new feature like the electric motor and it is totally green in its own way. 

Formula One racing has never been the same as it goes green next year. It is based on the stakeholder’s agreement to utilize a brand new type of engine for grand prix which is set on the year 2013. It is likely that the Formula One race cars will be officially transformed into eco-friendly next gen race cars in the near future. According to the F1 big green press announcement, there will be new rules set by FIA and it is certainly confirmed by the governing body. On the other hand, Ferrari and Mercedes was quite hesitant with the move considering that it will be an additional cost and saying that it was an unnecessary expense during the time when the Formula One is planning to lessen its cost. Although, the set of rules had already been agreed by the committee, the spokesman of Ferrari said that, “if it was not announced by the world council, he would be surprised.” This new development would be adding more cost grounds and he had a few concerns regarding this plan. However, he stated that if there is an agreement, we must work accordingly.
This “Green” engine grand prix car advocacy is said to be based on reflection towards the trend of the road car fuel efficiency and to make it more recognizable in the world of auto racing. Thus, it will augment the demands and supply of these types of engines for the coming years and for the next generation as well. Currently, Formula race cars are using the 2.4 liters V8s engine which will become a history very soon. The new type of “green” cars will be using a 1.6 liters with 4 cylinder turbo engines that have fuel control, and the so-called energy recovery systems. It is possible that the F1 organization will be switching to a green technology, as well as using cleaner fuels that will be beneficial in the auto racing industry for the years to come.

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Honda Civic named as 2012 Green Car of the Year

by on Jan.31, 2012, under Green Cars

Green Car Journal chose the Honda Civic natural Gas as the 2012 Green Car of the Year in a ceremony held at the L.A. Auto Show.

Green Car Journal picks its 2012 Green Car of the Year at the 2011 LA Auto Show.

The Civic was commented for being a certified EPA cleanest running internal combustion vehicle while being the only assembly-lined produced natural gas passenger car model sold in the US. Ron Cogan, publisher and editor of Green Cars Journal said in a statement that Honda is the only natural gas vehicle running on the US highways and the recognition has been long overdue for the Civic natural gas model.
He also added that this new generation of Civic natural Gas has more fuel efficiency, a handsome exterior and roomy interiors and the exclusive tailpipe emission level that is still unavailable to any other internal combustion production automobiles. The Civic was chosen by its running on a clean fuel which is domestically available and cost less than regular gasoline by 30%.
The Civic is a fifth generation model and has a retail value of not more than $26,000 and was picked up as a standout among the five finalists including Ford’s Focus Electric (Fusion and Fortune 500)the Toyota Prius, Mitsubishi, and the Volkswagen Passat TDI.
Green Car Award is an annual recognition of the car model that has contributed to the Green advocacy and the utilization of technology to produce vehicles that are ecology friendly. Only cars that were newly launched or introduced or have completely undergone a redesigning technology in the past year are eligible to win the prestigious award. Chevrolet Volt as the previous winner.
In a related ceremony, the Volkswagen Passant was judged Car of the Year after a proposal for a new federal gas mileage rules as imposed for reducing independency on foreign oil and for improving fuel efficiency with an average gas mileage of 54.5 miles per galoon by car model year 2015.

Video:Honda Civic Natural Gas

The new rules will generally add more thousands of dollars to the cost of a new car but proponents of the rules are optimistic that the money saved from spending less gas will outweighs the additional cost over dealerships and retails. As of now only a few car manufacturers are looking positively at the new ruling.
Green Car Journal is crossing fingers that by 2015, more participants will fight for the prestigious award and hope by the coming years all vehicles running on the road are a certified green car.

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Pasteurizing Green Cars in your Garage

by on Jan.30, 2012, under Green Cars

The world is increasingly alarming from natural disasters and abrupt changes of humid and atmospheric temperature because of one end result – smoke! Coming from factories and vehicles, there is so much to change in our mother earth environment. Perhaps with cars being confined and populated in every city we lived in, we can make use of recycling or using eco-friendly vehicles. On the contrary, you don’t have to think green to love green cars.  Since car shows are inclined to prestige and durable models, the hybrid can alter and revolutionize the production of carbon to the environment. Furthermore, green cars are considered “healthy” to the public and do not require gasoline as fuel. Hybridized vehicle is much efficient if electric-powered batteries are used instead of gasoline as fuel. Imagine the difference of consuming 45 miles per gallon of mileage compare to 25-mile range. However, knowing that these vehicles are run through an electrical source, there are limited in count. If gasoline stations are widely commercialized, drivers can load liters of it at their convenience. Likewise, for green cars, it can anticipate a few stations to recharge your car. The path to environmental friendly zone still coincides with the used of gasoline as the main source of fuel. As far as we are concerned, it will take years to conserve the oil and gas industry to a more economical means of green environment. Thus, there are many cars made exclusively to touch the surface of eco-friendly surroundings. Ford Escape and Fusion models are made to emit low consumption thereby keeping the environment as clean as possible.  They are both useful for families since it can load enough passengers. Honda Civic Hybrid is one of the top sellers of all time. Since it is affordable by many buyers, it also manifest eco-friendly specs especially engine consumption of its horsepower capabilities. Competing rivals with the Honda brand, Nissan also compels a sedan choice for everyone. The low-emissions engine is suitable to cause less pollution to the ecology system. I guess you might wonder Lexus HS embarks the deluxe icon of green cars in the automobile industry not to mention its 35 MPG tuning that is even better in environmental technology. Though mechanics are still finding ways to upkeep less pollution from the used of gasoline as fuels, electric cars will serve as a prototype to synthesize the amount of energy for public transportation. Nonetheless, we have to keep things abreast now that our technology is becoming a trend in our generation. Ultimately, if we put notice to green cars even before modern cars are invented, our environment can live peacefully once again.

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Green Cars: 2012 Green Car: Unveiled

by on Jan.28, 2012, under Green Cars

In participation with the big event for green cars, the Green Car Journal had announced the five finalists that met the standard for the green car for 2012. This was a big accomplishment and honor for car manufacturers to be entitled as one of the eco-friendly cars.  The debut of the five green cars of 2012 was honored to be the leaders in the field of automotive. The winners were announced on the press conference held in the auto show press in Los Angeles.

In no particular order, the five finalists to be inaugurated are:

2012 Volkswagen Passat TDI
2012 Toyota Prius V
2012 Mitsubishi I
2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas
2012 Ford Focus Electric

The cars were recognized all over the world to be the most eco-friendly vehicles that will not only benefit Mother Nature but the people as well. The finalists were honored in the Green Car Journal as the top 5 most bio green cars for the year of 2012. The cars became the pride of environmentalists that have risen to the top in the field of environment conscious models.

What’s interesting about the outstanding nominees of green cars is that they represent unique and different takes on what really makes a vehicle green. Green Car finalist Honda Civic Natural Gas is said to be the champion on alternative fuel burning that burns fuel cleanly that made it an abundant model in U.S.  
The Toyota Prius V belongs to the variants of Toyota’s hybrid models, which is larger and marks the expansion of the Prius family. Volkswagen Passat TDI continues to make its way in expanding the range of lower emission vehicles that uses clean and natural diesel products achieving a high and outstanding mpg rating, which is impressive.

Next are the Mitsubishi I and Ford Focus Electric that continue to march towards the greater choice of a zero emission and all electric vehicles along the American highways.

Ron Cogan, publisher and editor of the Green Car Journal stated that this line of green cars are exquisite and deserves to be the finalists because this car may be the solution for the transportation challengers. The nominees deserve being recognized due to their natural and unique approaches in providing the consumers wide range of choices for intelligent and environmentally compatible vehicles. This car is yet again another invention that will hone a better and perfect future for eco-friendly cars.

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