Porsche Cayman S 2014: Ride in Your Own Way

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In this age of days and era, vehicles are manufactured by Porsche simply reveals that high-performance sports car can get moderate fuel consumption.2014-porsche-cayman-ss This can be accomplished by utilization of fuel-efficient technologies including thermal management, auto start/stop, electrical system recuperation, VarioCam Plus and direct fuel injection. The newly developed Porsche Cayman S comes with catalytic converters which offer well-organized emission control. Its stereo Lambda control circuitry also separately manages and monitors each & every cylinder bank.

How it is all equipped?

The Cayman S is fully equipped with a 3.4-liter flat-six engine with Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) as well as VarioCam Plus that intelligently generates 325 hp at 7,400 rpm. Presently, its highest torque of 273 lb.-ft. will be produced between 4,500 and 5,800 rpm. You’ll also achieve highest level of performance with six-speed manual gearbox as it races from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds and just reaches top track speed of 175 mph. The engine comes with high-pressure pump, injector, ignition rod module, intake valves, valve spring, water pump and many more which are intelligently increases overall speed of the car and gives you best possible results.2014-porsche-cayman-s

Features of 2014 Porsche Cayman S Model:

Auto Start Stop function
Audio and communication systems
Intelligent electrical system recuperation
Porsche Doppel kupplung (PDK) coasting function
Stereo Lambda control circuitry controls
Switchable resonance valve
Integrated dry-sump lubrication

All the Porsche Cayman models are equipped with mid-mounted boxer engine that are positioned just 30 cm behind the driver. In this model, all the inner valves has been defined by high power plus decreased fuel consumption and emission figures as compared to previous models. Its intelligent thermal management system simply regulates overall temperature in gearbox as well as engine in order to intelligently decrease friction losses which can be occurred throughout warm-up phase. Its electronic engine management system provides the best performance at all times as it simply regulates engine-related functions and assemblies.

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The Ugliest Untitled Car Ever

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Of all the things cars should be, having looks which are at least worth looking at is a must.  A cars body if not even worthy of a glimpse means a very low sale of the car. Same is the story of the car made in 1985 by Mosler. It is also known as Consulier GTP. Only hundred of cars were ever made. That also was within a large span of eight years from 1985 to 1993. This car in blunt words is probably the ugliest car ever made. Everything about this car from the glasshouse, the haggard bin accessories to the weirdly shaped silhouette say “Do not look at me and definitely do not buy me.”
Strong car inside
This exteriorly yucky car holds a super cool, strong and impressive interior.
This car even though being so ugly has been a topic of intrigue and probing by die-hard car enthusiasts. What they discovered stunned them.
The car is light as can be according to its era. It has a Chrysler 2.2 litre tuned turbo engine having four cylinders. The chassis is a monocoque carbon-fiber built by Mosler. The body panels of the car consist of both Kevlar and CF.
The first in car production of that time. All this has made this car one of the fastest of its era.
This car had such speed that the company owner challenged anyone to run any other car at a time better that the Consulier at the One Lap America. No one ever won that challenge and due to the cars dominance it was banned from the race league.
The Gist
In today’s world this car should cost more than ten thousand dollars. But that is true only if one is completely willing t ignore the fact that it looks hideous. This car is all about the inner beauty trounces outer ugliness.

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General Auto News From All Across The United States Of America

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Most car manufacturers and auto makers have tried to offset the economic downturn by getting their dealerships to enhance and focus on quality service and customer satisfaction. This has played a major role in boosting sales with the economy becoming back to normal as the dealerships have developed a name for themselves in the field of quality. 2014 Corvette Stingray As a result, more and more customers prefer visiting the dealerships boasting of the best quality in order to buy vehicles. Lexus and GMC have topped these rankings and have witnessed huge growth in sales due to their excellent customer services.

Honda Recalls About 200000 Of Its Vehicles For Brake Malfunctions

Honda has recalled about 200000 of its Acuras and Hondas for the fear of a possible malfunction in its braking systems which are said to have been caused by the problems in the electronic stability controls. About 100000 Honda Pilots, 21000 Acura RL sedan and 60000 Acura MDX SUV’s have been recalled, all of which are said to be from the 2005 – 2006 era. This problem has majorly been caused by the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) systems. 4555 This system is a computer controlled braking system which applies brakes to all four wheels of the vehicle when a loss of traction is detected. Due to the malfunctions, these brakes are being applied by the vehicles without any inputs from drivers.

Chevrolet Celebrates Its 60th Birthday

The first week of March 2013 saw the iconic automaker Chevrolet celebrate its 60th birthday. This gala bash was held on 1st and 2nd March at the Petersen Automotive Museum which is located in Los Angeles. The event also witnessed the unveiling of about 20 prototypes of the next generation vehicles being designed by Chevrolet which included the all new 2014 Corvette. The Corvette has made a name for itself in America as one of the most iconic cars of the country in the sports vehicle category. The first Corvette was released by the company way back in the year 1953 and by 1957 the company had completely focused itself on creating performance oriented vehicles. As a result, 4 speed transmission, tauter suspensions and heavy duty brakes were introduced in the 1957 models.

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All The Latest About Ford.2

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Ford Set To Increase The Number Of Jobs At Its Ohio Plant By 450

The Ford 2 liter Ecoboost engine is all set to be built and developed at the Brook Part plant in Ohio. As a result, the world famous company plans to add 450 jobs to its Ohio plant to help in the smooth production of these engines. Further, the Ohio plant is also set to receive a $200 million funding boost to help it cope up with the engine demands and manufacturing processes. At present, this engine is only being made in Spain. This plant will transfer the entire manufacture of the 2 liter Ecoboost to Cleveland and will continue to make smaller engines for the European markets. One of the main reasons for this shift is that Ford has managed to sell about 530000 Ecoboost engines in the United States from about 2010 to 2012 and plans to sell 500000 engines in the year 2013 itself. The popularity of the 2 liter engine has been such that it is soon supposed to give the 3.5 liter V6 engine a run for its money as the most popular Ford engine to be sold in the U.S. 

Ford Predicts Lukewarm Sales For The Focus Electric Compact Car

Ford recently added about 700 dealerships to its existing list of dealers who have been authorized to sell the all electric car by Ford called Focus Electric. However, despite this massive increase in dealerships, the company expects lukewarm sales for the vehicle. The latest estimates have put the sales of the electric vehicle at about just 5% of the total sales of its hybrid and electric vehicles in the year to come. Moreover, almost 90% of the electric vehicle sales have come from the golden state of California. One of the main reasons for the lukewarm response has been its inferior quality when compared to Nissan’s Leaf. Nissan sold about 7716 of its leaf models while Ford managed to sell only 683 of its electric version. Another reason is that the Leaf is available for as little as $18800 while the Ford Focus would cause one to spend about $29200. As a result, it has mostly been received by people looking for a trendier vehicle irrespective of its cost.

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The Formula 1 Safety     

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When it comes to safety, Formula 1 considers this thing as a very important and paramount aspect in the field of racing.  The truth is that there had been countless tragedies and accidents have already occurred not only in the part of the drivers but to the spectators as well.
However, during the past few years, there have been many ways that have been done to protect people joining and taking part in the Formula 1 car race. Drivers and fans were all given what they need to protect themselves during the race.
In this regard, people taking part in the race get their needed protection, thus giving them the privilege to get rid of potential injuries while enjoying their favorite car racing sport.
The following are a number of the important safety measures that are commonly used in all Formula 1 car racing events.
The monocoque or cockpit provides the driver as his survival cell. This is basically an extra strong portion of the racing car that serves as a protective shield, a cell or a cocoon of the driver when in times accidents occur. This includes the driver’s seat and fits the exact dimensions of the driver.
Another safety measure for the driver is wearing the right and proper overall – the one that is imposed by the authorities of Formula 1 themselves. The overalls of the driver should also be combined with gloves, helmet, and boots, thus forming a seamless barrier. The overall required by Formula 1 to drivers is made up of Nomex, a kind of synthetic fiber that also protects the driver from possible fire brought up for at least twelve seconds.
Additionally, the logos of the sponsors appearing on the car are also required to be composed of the same material to discourage fire enhancement during an accident.
The HANS (Head and Neck support system) is a kind of collar that is made from carbon fiber. It perfectly fits around the driver’s neck and this protects his neck and head in the occassion of accident, crash, and collision. This solar is connected to the driver’s helmet through three straps. This allows the head to move freely while deflecting frontal impact.
Helmet size did not change but now Formula 1 helmets are made from lightweight yet stronger materials.
And of course, a 5-point harness is also found securing the driver on his seat. 5-point simply means the 5 straps that are connected to the shoulders, sides, and amid the legs respectively.

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Formula One Racing Cars: Design Features

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To achieve fuel efficiency, a car joining the Formula One should come up with an aerodynamic design. Aerodynamic designs are similar to those that are commonly used for fighter jets. The only thing that makes it different from a Formula One car is the fact that the fighter jet leaves the ground while the Formula One car does not.

Another important design that should be found in a Formula One car is a down force that firmly holds the tire on the ground surface. A tight grip on the ground or on the race track is the benefit of a car that comes with such kind of design. Formula One confirms that tires and down force are essential components of safety and speed.

Formula One cars should also come up with brake designs that are specially made. Basically, you will find the brakes to be mush similar to stock road vehicles. However, these cars come with components that are more extraordinary. This is due to the fact that these cars usually work at high speeds which simply mean they come up with high temperatures.

Overall, the engine comes with a light weight design, powerful, and efficient which is indeed a very tall order.

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Formula One Racing Cars: Design Features

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For those people out there who are interested with gripping car and motor sports, Formula One is indeed a great choice to them. The same thing is also true to those people who are enthusiastic about cars, velocity, speed, engineering, and even design. The truth is that the design of Formula One motors and cars help measure their speed. The design is also important for the driver’s safety.

As of the present days, there are design rules that are strictly applied to all the cars participating in this kind of motor sport. Any kind of car or vehicle which does not abide with the rules will be banned and won’t be able to join in any of the Formula One racing events. The fact is that car designers rarely infringe such regulations simply because the price at stake for such kind of race and the advantage and benefits from doing great are enormous.

With the implementation of such regulations, teams and individuals participating in the Formula One race take time to come up with the best designs for their cars. The better the design of the car is means the more chances for the participant or car owner to come up with the maximum rate of fuel efficiency.

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Formula One Promotes Greener Technology

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However, two of the biggest sports car manufacturers, Mercedes and Ferrari were rather uncertain with this idea taking into account that it will definitely be an extra cost and stating that it was a needless expenditure throughout the time when Formula One is preparing to reduce its cost. Though, committee had already settled the new guidelines, the Ferrari’s spokesman believed that he would be surprised if it the world council has not declared it. This new progress would be accumulating a larger cost grounds and he had some questions concerning this arrangement. On the other hand, he admitted that if there is an agreement, we have to work consequently.
It is not impossible that the Formula One organization will be transforming to a greener technology. It would be a great help to the environment and will be very beneficial to the world of auto-racing for the future generation. So expect the manufacturers to produce more green cars in the coming years. In the long run, the human world would be using electric motors, solar, hybrid, or hydrogen cars.

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Select Dealers to Sell Holden”s “Green” Volt Car

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The Volt is being marketed as an electric car but with different type of battery. It has stayed away from using the typical battery that is found inside Nissan leaf and Mitsubishi iMiEV. It has a 3 motors having a traction motor pumped by a generator and fuel-efficient 1.4 liter petrol engine that supplies the power to the drive train after when the lithium battery pack reached a minimum state for charging and have the engine to be recharged and run like an electric car.

When allowed to cover to more than 80km on battery alone, The Volt can travel up to 500KM or more. This makes Holden “Green cars” an efficient car in the tradition of other cars with the Volt badge like Chevrolet Volt, and Opel Ampera.

Holden is pleased to announced that those who are interested to secure one Volt for themselves, they must immediately contact the appointed dealers to ensure they get one of the first Volts sold publicly.

Holden is a car manufacturer that has fully globally operation for the general Motors. It manufactures motor engines and sells car worldwide. It has a headquarter office at Port Melbourne and engine and vehicles manufacturing plants at Adelaide, Australia. Its main business is manufacturing and distribution of motors engines and parts. IT has General Motors as its parent company and works as one of General Motors design Centers. Holden past designing works include the GM Camaro and Holden Commodore.

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Select Dealers to Sell Holden”s “Green” Volt Car

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If dealers want to sell Holden’s Green car, The Volt, they have to meet the new requirements for environmental standard. Chosen dealers will have to commit themselves to have a level 2 Green Stamp Plus Accreditation. And in top of this, they must be willing to invest in infrastructures and tolling services intended for the Volts.

Among the lucky dealers to sell Holden’s Volt are dealers at Thebarton with Metro Holden, City Holden in Adelaide, Peter Page Holden at Elizabeth, and Somerton Park with dealer Hamilton Holden. All of these dealers have committed themselves selling and servicing the Green Volt and have achieved the needed environmental accreditation.

Every dealer that has been chosen to sell “The Volt” has to install Volt charging station to meet the volt-charging needs of would-be Volt owners. They should also have new tooling services as well as the training to keep up with the servicing needs of the first electric car from Holden. Dealers must have the ability and capacity of electric car’s management practices like recycling and efficient energy use. The burden of reducing and disposing toxic chemicals also fall on the shoulders of these dealers that are tuned into meeting up the serious environmental responsibilities.

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