Galpin Ford GTR1 Concept 1024 HP Sports Car Unveiled at Pebble Beach

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Galpin Ford GTR1, in its concept form was unveiled and launched in the concept car lawn at the 2013 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.  This car is being termed by its manufacturers, Galpin Auto Sports, as being ‘a vision of what a Ford GT may have looked and performed like today had Ford continued its evolution’. This GTR1 is Galpin’s first built in the field of supercar and promises to provide its forthcoming customers a fun of 1024 HP.
It can easily belt out 1024 horsepower and packs a 5.4-litre V8 engine with 739 ft-lbs of torque. Galpin declares that this car takes a three second 0-60mph time and is mechanically capable of a top speed of over 225mph.
The handcrafted body of the GTR1 is at least five inches wider than the Ford GT.  It had carbon fiber detailing, absolutely stunning LED headlights and the wheels of GTR1 measures 20 inch forged from solid aluminium wrapped in Pirelli P- Zero Rosso tires that is backed by six-piston brakes and carbon rotors.
The interiors are unique with almost the whole of it done up in single colored blue leather. The contrast in the interior is the trims and inserts with aluminium, a bespoke dash and an uprated stereo of McIntosh.
Galpin has kept the starting price for a carbon fiber body construction GTR1 is $1,024,000.
While the $1,024,000 price tag is unquestionably dizzying, Galpin declares that it does not expect more than 6 orders initially and desires to reach 24 orders eventually. Each unit will be custom made depending on the taste and order of the purchaser.
One more important thing to note here is that if you supply your own Ford GT, Galpin will take off $200k from the total price, proposing quite the daring choice for affluent collectors who simply aren’t satisfied with possessing a run-of-the-million.

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The Ugliest Untitled Car Ever

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Of all the things cars should be, having looks which are at least worth looking at is a must.  A cars body if not even worthy of a glimpse means a very low sale of the car. Same is the story of the car made in 1985 by Mosler. It is also known as Consulier GTP. Only hundred of cars were ever made. That also was within a large span of eight years from 1985 to 1993. This car in blunt words is probably the ugliest car ever made. Everything about this car from the glasshouse, the haggard bin accessories to the weirdly shaped silhouette say “Do not look at me and definitely do not buy me.”
Strong car inside
This exteriorly yucky car holds a super cool, strong and impressive interior.
This car even though being so ugly has been a topic of intrigue and probing by die-hard car enthusiasts. What they discovered stunned them.
The car is light as can be according to its era. It has a Chrysler 2.2 litre tuned turbo engine having four cylinders. The chassis is a monocoque carbon-fiber built by Mosler. The body panels of the car consist of both Kevlar and CF.
The first in car production of that time. All this has made this car one of the fastest of its era.
This car had such speed that the company owner challenged anyone to run any other car at a time better that the Consulier at the One Lap America. No one ever won that challenge and due to the cars dominance it was banned from the race league.
The Gist
In today’s world this car should cost more than ten thousand dollars. But that is true only if one is completely willing t ignore the fact that it looks hideous. This car is all about the inner beauty trounces outer ugliness.

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The Importance of Virtual Reality in Car Tuning

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Why does the Formula One engineer apply virtual reality
Formula One engineers are now relying upon the concept of virtual reality in order to fine-tune their cars. The latest technological innovations have enabled us to simulate any kind of race conditions – without undertaking the event for real. The engineers use simulated virtual cars in order to find out optimal settings that will enable them to have an advantage over thVirtual Eyee competition. Simulated virtual cars have numerous advantages in comparison with the conventional automobiles. Some of them include
Virtual cars will enable us to overcome the real-world restrictions
Deploying some of the latest technologies to give realistic experiences to the test drivers
It is important to note that the engineers are working hard in order to obtain predefined simulated environments. Test drivers who are already spending their time testing these simulated cars are holding on to the opinion that the enriched graphic settings help in offering a realistic adventure.
Overcoming the real-world limitations
Throughout the years, engineers who deal with the fine-tuning of cars have experienced various kinds of limitations. Ever since the inception of computers, engineers have been using the in a variety of ways so that their teams can win the races. Almost all the sports cars of this generation feature computer-controlled technologies. As mentioned earlier, the underlying technology is ultra-realistic in nature. For the sake of illustration, the test drivers will always be in radio contact with the engineers. This will enable them to provide valuable feedback to the concerned personnel without any additional issues. Please be in mind that the same activities also happened when the engineers tested their technologies with real cars too.
Is simulating a virtual environment easyVirtual Eye2
Simulating a virtual environment is not an easy task and the software developers will have to take into account many aspects. These software engineers will have to work alongside with the team personnel so that they can bring about the desired results easily. In the same way, simulating a race is indeed a serious business according to the Formula One team engineers. Ironically, many people tend to downplay the same activity because of the extensive proliferation of various kinds of video games among this generation.
Differences in between the real world as well as the virtual world
There are marked differences in between a racing game and a simulated fine-tuning session that will enable the team engineers to get deep insight about the operational activities that are taking place within their cars. Being able to replicate exactly what you will be able to do on the race track – this activity is time consuming according to the software developers who come up with various kinds of simulated cars. According to sources close to the team, there are diversified kinds of sims. Some of them have only limited motion capabilities while the others can have lots of motion. The engineers also agree with the fact that it is extremely tough to replicate what they have learned through the application of simulated environments into the cars in the real world. Interestingly, the team engineers use the term ‘clean representation’ to outline their experiences while working with various kinds of simulated automobiles.

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Ferrari Reveals New Specs Of Enzo Successor

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Some more specifications have been teased of Ferrari’s Enzo successor. The official website of the car maker has lately uploaded little bit of new information about the supercar.

According to reports published in the Ferrari magazine earlier, all the tit-bits learned in Formula One by Scuderia are packed inside the yet-to-be-revealed successor of Enzo. Now, the latest information on Ferrari’s website shows just how much the disclosure is true.

One thing that is not sure whether there have been changes made in the length or width of the supercar, but Ferrari says the target for the new “beasts” was “a reduction in height and wheelbase to match those of the 458 Italia.”

Ferrari F1 designer Rory Byrne has devoted three long years to chassis’ development. It is learned that the chassis in the upcoming supercar will be laid up by hand as each of the units have been composed of different carbon fiber types as well as cured in autoclave F1 monocoque-style. This may be one of the main reasons of difference in weight compared to the Enzo. Also, information on the website reveals the batteries and fuel tank will be behind the driver’s seat as it is found in a F1 car. The Formula 1 Safety.

The cabin of this supercar will be a personalized one. It will be just like the way the driver wants. This type of cockpit is rare in road cars where the seat is measured for driver’s comfort and then sets in a fixed position in the cabin. Apart from this, the pedal box as well as the steering wheel can also be customized to accommodate the driver. It is also learned that the feet of occupant will be at the same level as its driving position. The angle of seatback will surely be offering an extraordinary racy feeling to the driver.

The supercar is to be equipped with HY-KERS and a double-clutch transmission. It will be an evolution of 740-horsepower, 6.3-litre V12 presently seen in F12 Berlinetta.

As per Ferrari, the powertrain of it will make the car quicker from 0-to-120 miles per hour. It will reduce the emissions by 40 percent and will also improve other features like the brake force distribution and torque vectoring.

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The Formula 1 Safety     

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When it comes to safety, Formula 1 considers this thing as a very important and paramount aspect in the field of racing.  The truth is that there had been countless tragedies and accidents have already occurred not only in the part of the drivers but to the spectators as well.
However, during the past few years, there have been many ways that have been done to protect people joining and taking part in the Formula 1 car race. Drivers and fans were all given what they need to protect themselves during the race.
In this regard, people taking part in the race get their needed protection, thus giving them the privilege to get rid of potential injuries while enjoying their favorite car racing sport.
The following are a number of the important safety measures that are commonly used in all Formula 1 car racing events.
The monocoque or cockpit provides the driver as his survival cell. This is basically an extra strong portion of the racing car that serves as a protective shield, a cell or a cocoon of the driver when in times accidents occur. This includes the driver’s seat and fits the exact dimensions of the driver.
Another safety measure for the driver is wearing the right and proper overall – the one that is imposed by the authorities of Formula 1 themselves. The overalls of the driver should also be combined with gloves, helmet, and boots, thus forming a seamless barrier. The overall required by Formula 1 to drivers is made up of Nomex, a kind of synthetic fiber that also protects the driver from possible fire brought up for at least twelve seconds.
Additionally, the logos of the sponsors appearing on the car are also required to be composed of the same material to discourage fire enhancement during an accident.
The HANS (Head and Neck support system) is a kind of collar that is made from carbon fiber. It perfectly fits around the driver’s neck and this protects his neck and head in the occassion of accident, crash, and collision. This solar is connected to the driver’s helmet through three straps. This allows the head to move freely while deflecting frontal impact.
Helmet size did not change but now Formula 1 helmets are made from lightweight yet stronger materials.
And of course, a 5-point harness is also found securing the driver on his seat. 5-point simply means the 5 straps that are connected to the shoulders, sides, and amid the legs respectively.

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Formula E Set for 2014

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Formulec 2012 Official Trailer

Alejandro Agag, who supports FP2 and GP3 teams in the FIA, has now been named as the head of the Formula E Series. He is also one of the investors in the series alongside French electric automotive company Electric Formula, Eric Barbaroux; environmental motorsports enthusiast, Lord Drayson; and London-based enterpriser, Enrique Banuelos.

Agag said that he and his fellow investors were pleased with the agreement reached with the FIA and that the series is an opportunity to create a new breed of racing. He also mentioned that the series would serve as the foundation for the further development of the electric car that will become a central component for the future of cities around the globe.

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Formula E Set for 2014

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Formula One (F1) racing FIA Formula One World Championship or F1 is considered as one of the most prestigious racing events in the world. However, a new racing series with the desire to matchF1’s popularity and prestige is about to be launched in 2014- the FE or Formula E Series. The difference? All the cars competing in the FE Series will run on pure electricity.

As the car industry responds to the European Commission’s request for the production of cars with more sustainable forms of energy, the president of Federation Internationale del’Automobile, Jean Todt, has supported the concept of having electric car races from the get go. The FIA sees electric cars as the future of the motor industry. Therefore, to make this concept a reality, he signed the launching of the Formula E Series alongside investors to hold a set of races on tracks built in city-centers.

According to Todt, the new racing competition will attract a wider and younger audience. In addition, the series will serve as an opportunity to entertain and share the FIA’s belief and goals of sustainability, clean energy, and mobility.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil will be the first city to play host to the 2014 event. Formula E is planned to have ten teams and twenty drivers. Furthermore, all the cars features will run exclusively on electricity and the race is open to all electric cars approved by the FIA. Test runs of Formula E cars will start in 2013. This will give competitors one year to fine their cars for the competition based on the Formulec design EF 01 prototype. The cars will weigh 780 kilograms with speed reaching 137mph (220kmh) and have a lithium-iron battery that should be able to give 25 minutes’ worth of racing.

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Formula One Racing Cars: Design Features

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To achieve fuel efficiency, a car joining the Formula One should come up with an aerodynamic design. Aerodynamic designs are similar to those that are commonly used for fighter jets. The only thing that makes it different from a Formula One car is the fact that the fighter jet leaves the ground while the Formula One car does not.

Another important design that should be found in a Formula One car is a down force that firmly holds the tire on the ground surface. A tight grip on the ground or on the race track is the benefit of a car that comes with such kind of design. Formula One confirms that tires and down force are essential components of safety and speed.

Formula One cars should also come up with brake designs that are specially made. Basically, you will find the brakes to be mush similar to stock road vehicles. However, these cars come with components that are more extraordinary. This is due to the fact that these cars usually work at high speeds which simply mean they come up with high temperatures.

Overall, the engine comes with a light weight design, powerful, and efficient which is indeed a very tall order.

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Formula One Racing Cars: Design Features

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For those people out there who are interested with gripping car and motor sports, Formula One is indeed a great choice to them. The same thing is also true to those people who are enthusiastic about cars, velocity, speed, engineering, and even design. The truth is that the design of Formula One motors and cars help measure their speed. The design is also important for the driver’s safety.

As of the present days, there are design rules that are strictly applied to all the cars participating in this kind of motor sport. Any kind of car or vehicle which does not abide with the rules will be banned and won’t be able to join in any of the Formula One racing events. The fact is that car designers rarely infringe such regulations simply because the price at stake for such kind of race and the advantage and benefits from doing great are enormous.

With the implementation of such regulations, teams and individuals participating in the Formula One race take time to come up with the best designs for their cars. The better the design of the car is means the more chances for the participant or car owner to come up with the maximum rate of fuel efficiency.

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Formula One Promotes Greener Technology

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However, two of the biggest sports car manufacturers, Mercedes and Ferrari were rather uncertain with this idea taking into account that it will definitely be an extra cost and stating that it was a needless expenditure throughout the time when Formula One is preparing to reduce its cost. Though, committee had already settled the new guidelines, the Ferrari’s spokesman believed that he would be surprised if it the world council has not declared it. This new progress would be accumulating a larger cost grounds and he had some questions concerning this arrangement. On the other hand, he admitted that if there is an agreement, we have to work consequently.
It is not impossible that the Formula One organization will be transforming to a greener technology. It would be a great help to the environment and will be very beneficial to the world of auto-racing for the future generation. So expect the manufacturers to produce more green cars in the coming years. In the long run, the human world would be using electric motors, solar, hybrid, or hydrogen cars.

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