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Decked Truck Organizers

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Decked LLC is one of the world leaders in production of truck bed storage systems. Company’s considerable development and research combined with permanent commitment to innovations allow Decked to became popular in many countries around the world. Nevertheless, brand is not going to rest on its laurels and keeps development on the same level since the time of its foundation.

Decked storage systems

Why Decked?

If you are a proud owner of a pickup truck you know how much space there is in the bed of your vehicle. At the same time you realize that your gear usually lies there without any order, that’s why there can be some mess. That’s where Decked truck storage systems come out. As their own weight is at the mark of 200 lbs. their load rating is more than 2,000 lbs. – the strength-to-weight ratio is incredible. Decked organizers allow you to place your gear in the bed of your pickup truck in any order you want, so the search of the needed thing will be easy like a breeze. Besides you can use the rest of your vehicle’s truck bed completely.

Decked truck storage systems have a number of other advantages. One of the main ones is the unique combination of materials which are used in production. Mix of steel and HDPE makes Decked products incredibly strong, reliable and durable. HDPE is a weather-proof and impact-resistant material which provides to your gear protection from the weather. Besides, strong construction protects your stuff from thieves while your access will be very convenient and easy. Decked organizers fit the most bed full size pick-up trucks produced since the end of the 1990s till the present day.

Decked pickup bed organizer

Where to buy?

Decked is world famous brand which is recognizable in many countries, that’s why fake products are not uncommon. You can find the ultimate collection of original Decked organizers on site – one of the biggest online-retailers on the U. S. aftermarket. All Decked products offered at CARiD are backed by the official manufacturer warranty which lasts for 3 years.

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Types of Connecting Rods

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There is a wide number of connecting rods on the market today. The most considerable difference is rod’s size and material it is made from. The most common materials are steel, aluminum, and titanium.

Steel rods

The most prevalent type of connecting rods is steel rods. Because of the strength and great durability this type of rods can be used in daily driving and in endurance racing. But there is one disadvantage of steel rods – they are extremely heavy that’s why these rods increase rotating assembly’s stress and consume more power. Performance connecting rods can be made from different grades of steel. The hardness, yield strength and tensile strength of steel rods depend on its heat treatment and forging temperature. That’s why it is recommended that you purchase rods from well-known and reliable manufacturers. CP Bullet Pistons and Rods are made by famous manufacturer and are widely used by ordinary drivers and pro racers as well.

Steel Connecting Rods

Aluminum rods

Aluminum rods have very similar characteristics to the steel rods but are lighter up to 40%. This rod’s type is used in drag racing and in high horsepower engines. Small weight of aluminum rods allows engine to gain rev faster and to reduce stress on the crankshaft and vibration. That’s why this type of rods has a great lifespan.

Aluminum Connecting Rods

Titanium rods

Titanium rods are lighter than steel ones and stronger at the same time. But these rods are much more expensive than previous types. That’s why titanium rods are most commonly used in expensive engines for endurance and drag racing.

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Dorman Replacement Parts

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Dorman Company

No more waiting for the spare parts from your dealer – Dorman will supply you with excellent aftermarket replacement parts quickly and at a low cost.
Dorman is a world brand that has been in the automotive market for almost a hundred years. Dorman products are known for their top quality, ease of use and availability. Most of them are listed on the official website:

Dorman replacement parts

Dorman offers a great variety of replacement parts for multiple car makes designed in different years. Dorman replacement parts include all sorts of spare parts for multiple car makers of different years, such as exhaust parts, interior parts, brake parts, steering parts, engine parts, transmission parts, electrical parts, suspension parts and interior parts.

Dorman parts

According to Wikipedia, an item of stock that is used to replace faulty parts of a vehicle is called a spare part. When something goes wrong with your vehicle, it generally requires some spare part to get replaced. Dorman parts are often preferred by service stations thanks to their reliability and safety which last for years. Mechanics, in their turn, appreciate the easiness of installation that comes for all Dorman parts. However, if you decide to replace a spare part of your car on your own, there are plenty of do-it-yourself guidelines online where you can quickly look up how it’s done and safe even more money on the repair of your vehicle.

Dorman, as a supplier of car replacement and hardware parts for the automotive aftermarket, offers over a hundred thousand different items of car parts, including brake components and fasteners.
Dorman replacement parts are distributed by the following brands around the world:

  • Dorman OE, among which are intake and exhaust manifolds, oil radiators, pulleys, radiator fan assemblies etc.;
  • Dorman AutoGrade, among which there is a line for production of specific and general automotive equipment necessary for complete repair;
  • Dorman Help, among which are such replacement parts as switches, door fittings, interior fittings, retainer rings as well as repair kits and many others;
  • Dorman First Stop, which contains brake and clutch parts with over 8500 items;
  • Dorman Conduct-Tite, where there are electrical connectors, wires, tools, testers and accessories;
  • Dorman Scan-Tech which is located in Stockholm, Sweden, offers a full range of replacement parts for Volvo and Saab worldwide.

Here’s a shortlist of replacement parts manufactured by Dorman that are the most popular among the customers throughout the US:

Brake Master Cylinder

– fits a wide range of automobile apps. In addition Dorman suggests an original line of Master Cylinder replacement parts and Master Cylinder Repair Kits which can be obtained apart.

Climate Control Ambient Light Sensor

– effectively rates the brightness level in the environment to activate the headlamps in the dark, and the climate control at the day time. Replacing this spare part of the vehicle is crucial for comfortable and secure driving as well as keeping the power of the battery longer.

Oil Filter Housing

– indicates steel plugs covered with zinc chromate and anodized aluminum body. The engine oil filter bracket helps prevent rust and corrosion. Replacing returns appropriate functioning of the engine.

Exhaust Manifold

– whenever the exhaust manifold of your car is fractured or shaky, this spare part is an excellent choice. Its powerful tubular design is resistant to warps, cracks and leakages.

Power Steering Line

– a must-have replacement part to keep secure and sound operation of the power steering, this spare part’s assemblies are created for the best possible productivity.
Among them are also such Dorman spare parts as Sway Bar, Clutch Hydraulic Hose, Disc Brake Caliper Piston, Instrument Cluster, Engine Oil Pan, Exhaust Manifold Crossover Pipe, Steering Shaft, Control Arm, Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder Assembly, and Disc Brake Caliper Repair Kit.

Dorman store is an official distributor of Dorman products. You can order any replacement part with CARiD and you will get it on time, without having to wait for ages, or overpay extra costs. We have a great variety of Dorman replacement parts for different car makes and years – you name it we’ve got it. And the beauty of it is that the price starts from only a couple of dollars per unit!
CARiD has taken a place in aftermarket parts niche only a decade ago, and we’ve already become a well-known supplier of the top brands throughout the country. The key to our success is that we only deal with certified and well-tested manufacturers to avoid potential risks. Therefore we can always guarantee to our customers that all of their requirements will be satisfied 100%.
CARiD’s proven track record is approved by thousands of car owners who happen to be our loyal customers.

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A Misfortune Accident is Met to Acura Street Performance ILX

by on Dec.13, 2013, under Car Accessories

That is really sad news which was certainly note expected from the Acura motor company. The new concept called the Acura ILX was all ready for the show and has been performing some of the successful ones too in the past. However, this times to grab the attention of the crowd, the team failed to perform well in the Street Performance ILX for the 2013 SEMA Show. According to the source the team of Acura collaborated with the MAD industries to design the best performance car of sedan which would give a fun experience.
More about Acura
This company is known for setting the finest example of the use of good technology and thus providing with the high performance luxury car. It has more than 275 dealers in the United States and has come up with different models like TSX, RLX, TL, MDX and many more.
Eye Catching features of Acura ILX
The 2.4-liter model
Chassis/Suspension Modifications
245/35R-19 Nitto NT05 Max tires
Supercharger kit
Stoptech Big Brake kit
Prototype exhaust system for engine exhilaration
49 horsepower
Hondata FlashPro
AMSOIL Dominator motor oil
About the News
The unexpected smelling accident of the model was really shocking experience. However, looking at the team sprit it feels that the company will soon be back in action with great enthusiasm and would certainly make the upcoming show a grand one while overtaking all the issues which the car had faced in the previous issue. We hope that this time the motor company would exceed the expectation like always and give us a huge surprise.
Rest the entire car and the motor company is working all fine. However, the biggest concern is whether the accident which took place was the technical issue or some kind of lack of knowledge? Well the answer is all they know. All we can do is hope for the best.

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The New Entry of 2017 Aston Martin Lagonda can be a Competition to Mercedes M-Class Platform

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Class platform
The new British brand also known as Aston Martin Lagonda seems to be speeding at a great rate. The company is planned to go ahead with the Lagonda-badged crossover with so many amazing technologies and features which can prove out to be the competition for the M class platform of Mercedes. Few rumors say that the car could be a similar competition to the Mercedes-Benz M-Class.
What makes Lagonda Concept so popular
The car was debuted in the year 2009
Wheels are powered by a V12 power plant
New technology
Amazing colors
All four 22-inch wheels
Sold in more than 100 countries
More about Aston Martin Lagonda
It is one of the luxurious sports cars with amazing speed that would keep your mouth wide open. However, it seems that the car has been proved a tough competition to Mercedes Benz and Porches as well. The Lagonda with new reinventions are currently available in Pune and Tuscaloosa.
The company claims to get the car back in action on its 100th anniversary of the brand. It seems that the brand along with the popularity for the sedan invention is now going to gain popularity for Lagonda’s invention.
Looking at the gaining popularity, it is expected that the car will show some of the great surprises that would be liked by the customers all over the world. So let us hope for the best and wait for the launch as its going to be a big surprise. However, claiming that the technology is going to be nearby about similar to the Mercedes M-Class platform. So let’s hope for the very new invention of this amazing British brand. Hope it works out to be the best of the invention made among the cars so far.

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Chevrolet Corvette – All Set to Go Young

by on Oct.25, 2013, under Car Accessories

Youth is the major buyer for the sports car and hence every sports car is designed for the youth. Chevy on the other hand has the customers who have reached their 50s.  The auto giant has understood this fact well and hence has started working towards going young. The customer base of the famous Chevrolet Corvette needs to be younger and the company has started coming up with various campaigns to attract its customers. Their new introduction Chevy Corvette Stingray is also a step towards getting younger.
The newly introduced campaigns by GM are mainly targeted towards bonding with their customers. The company has tried its best to make their customer’s Chevrolet Corvette buying experience memorable. They have opened up the Corvette building process to its customers. The Chevy customers can now walk through the plant and also have a look on how their future car is being made. This will turn out to be an emotional bond as the driver would be able to know the engine that will get fitted to the car and all other parts as well. This will turn out to be a one of its kind experience as the customer would be able to see his car in making.
This type of plant tour is not been offered by any other auto manufacturers yet and GM believes that it will definitely be a point of attraction for the sports car enthusiasts. The company is also planning to offer another visit to the customers at the time of assembling the parts. This will be offered at some nominal cost but it would be worth spending.
All these initiatives by the company may most probably get the younger drivers for their popular Chevrolet Corvette and it would definitely boost up the sales figures.

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The New Ghost Sedan is All Set to Run

by on Sep.24, 2013, under Car Accessories

Some of the amazing concept of Rolls Royce is still ruling the market, the co-founder believers that making the existing car with better designs and upgrading it with good technology increases it lifespan. Thanks to their new invention of the all-new Ghost-based coupe, people are waiting to get it ion road.`11_Rolls-Royce_Ghost_(MIAS_`11) This two door boasting car with a round 624-horsepower and sleek fastback styling has got a unique style, designs and concept with all the new technologies that would make it run smoothly and efficiently on road and thus let you enjoy the time in a great way.
The new Ghost sedan: All that you need to know
The name of this a coupe version of the Ghost sedan was said as the Rolls-Royce Wraith.  This car was earlier introduced in the Geneva Motor Show and has gained lot of popularity since then. It have lot many advantages with some of the interesting styling parts like a separation like between the greenhouse and the body which makes the visual appearance of the car even more interesting. It is said that to make this car in the perfect way, the F01 also called the bMW7 series was highly modified. Let us a take a look at some of the additional features that you would certainly fall in love with.
Important Features
Glide open doors2012-rolls-royce-ghost-extended-wheelbase-opt
1,340 hand-sewn fiber-optic lights
Soil and water resistant
1,300-watt audio system
Massive brake discs with four-piston monobloc calipers
Four-place cabin
Electro-mechanical self-closing assistance
Phantom-quality” drum-dyed leather interiors
As compared to other regular four door cars, this, car is shorter in lengthen by five inches and rear axle is one inch wider as compared to Sedan. Besides on its rear side, you will also notice a Rolls Royce signature. So what are you waiting for? Get all the specifications of this amazing functional car and buy it today as it is one such invention that would make your driving more comfortable.

The name of this a coupe version of the Ghost sedan was said as the Rolls-Royce Wraith.

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Porsche Cayman S 2014: Ride in Your Own Way

by on Sep.16, 2013, under Car Accessories, Fun

In this age of days and era, vehicles are manufactured by Porsche simply reveals that high-performance sports car can get moderate fuel consumption.2014-porsche-cayman-ss This can be accomplished by utilization of fuel-efficient technologies including thermal management, auto start/stop, electrical system recuperation, VarioCam Plus and direct fuel injection. The newly developed Porsche Cayman S comes with catalytic converters which offer well-organized emission control. Its stereo Lambda control circuitry also separately manages and monitors each & every cylinder bank.

How it is all equipped?

The Cayman S is fully equipped with a 3.4-liter flat-six engine with Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) as well as VarioCam Plus that intelligently generates 325 hp at 7,400 rpm. Presently, its highest torque of 273 lb.-ft. will be produced between 4,500 and 5,800 rpm. You’ll also achieve highest level of performance with six-speed manual gearbox as it races from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds and just reaches top track speed of 175 mph. The engine comes with high-pressure pump, injector, ignition rod module, intake valves, valve spring, water pump and many more which are intelligently increases overall speed of the car and gives you best possible results.2014-porsche-cayman-s

Features of 2014 Porsche Cayman S Model:

Auto Start Stop function
Audio and communication systems
Intelligent electrical system recuperation
Porsche Doppel kupplung (PDK) coasting function
Stereo Lambda control circuitry controls
Switchable resonance valve
Integrated dry-sump lubrication

All the Porsche Cayman models are equipped with mid-mounted boxer engine that are positioned just 30 cm behind the driver. In this model, all the inner valves has been defined by high power plus decreased fuel consumption and emission figures as compared to previous models. Its intelligent thermal management system simply regulates overall temperature in gearbox as well as engine in order to intelligently decrease friction losses which can be occurred throughout warm-up phase. Its electronic engine management system provides the best performance at all times as it simply regulates engine-related functions and assemblies.

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Galpin Ford GTR1 Concept 1024 HP Sports Car Unveiled at Pebble Beach

by on Aug.29, 2013, under Car Accessories, Formula1

Galpin Ford GTR1, in its concept form was unveiled and launched in the concept car lawn at the 2013 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.  This car is being termed by its manufacturers, Galpin Auto Sports, as being ‘a vision of what a Ford GT may have looked and performed like today had Ford continued its evolution’. This GTR1 is Galpin’s first built in the field of supercar and promises to provide its forthcoming customers a fun of 1024 HP.
It can easily belt out 1024 horsepower and packs a 5.4-litre V8 engine with 739 ft-lbs of torque. Galpin declares that this car takes a three second 0-60mph time and is mechanically capable of a top speed of over 225mph.
The handcrafted body of the GTR1 is at least five inches wider than the Ford GT.  It had carbon fiber detailing, absolutely stunning LED headlights and the wheels of GTR1 measures 20 inch forged from solid aluminium wrapped in Pirelli P- Zero Rosso tires that is backed by six-piston brakes and carbon rotors.
The interiors are unique with almost the whole of it done up in single colored blue leather. The contrast in the interior is the trims and inserts with aluminium, a bespoke dash and an uprated stereo of McIntosh.
Galpin has kept the starting price for a carbon fiber body construction GTR1 is $1,024,000.
While the $1,024,000 price tag is unquestionably dizzying, Galpin declares that it does not expect more than 6 orders initially and desires to reach 24 orders eventually. Each unit will be custom made depending on the taste and order of the purchaser.
One more important thing to note here is that if you supply your own Ford GT, Galpin will take off $200k from the total price, proposing quite the daring choice for affluent collectors who simply aren’t satisfied with possessing a run-of-the-million.

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The Manufacturers are Stopping the Production of Shelby GT350

by on Aug.08, 2013, under Car Accessories

2011 Shelby GT350 Mustang

Few people have already driven the limited edition Shelby GT350. The people who have already driven the car have confessed that they have experienced the best Mustang ride ever. But like every good thing has an end the production of this wonder car is also coming to an end. December 31 will be the last day when the car enthusiasts will get the chance to order this popular model.

The options of the car

The car has been in the market since 1965. From that time the GT350 has undergone a lot of changes.

1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

The car celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2011. The model that came out this year was colored white. To add to its look there were blue stripes. This resembled a lot its first look that came out in the year 1965.
The GT350 that was launched in 2012 was offered in two versions. The buyers had the chance to choose from either convertible or coupe. It was also available in three colors like the model that came out in 1966.
The model that has come out this year has more color options. Many styling features have been also added to it.
The 2014 model of the car is much similar to its ancestor. The customers have been given the chance to choose from three different models of the car.
The three configurations have engines with 624 hp, 525 hp and 440 hp.
One thing that can worry the buyers is that the 624 hp model will not come with warranty.

Thus it can be well understood that this year is going to witness the end of a popular car. Shelby GT350 has been one of the popular muscular cars of the modern era. But the Shelby authorities have claimed that there are more powerful new models in the lineup that is going to fulfill the needs of the car lovers.

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