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Dorman Replacement Parts

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Dorman Company

No more waiting for the spare parts from your dealer – Dorman will supply you with excellent aftermarket replacement parts quickly and at a low cost.
Dorman is a world brand that has been in the automotive market for almost a hundred years. Dorman products are known for their top quality, ease of use and availability. Most of them are listed on the official website:

Dorman replacement parts

Dorman offers a great variety of replacement parts for multiple car makes designed in different years. Dorman replacement parts include all sorts of spare parts for multiple car makers of different years, such as exhaust parts, interior parts, brake parts, steering parts, engine parts, transmission parts, electrical parts, suspension parts and interior parts.

Dorman parts

According to Wikipedia, an item of stock that is used to replace faulty parts of a vehicle is called a spare part. When something goes wrong with your vehicle, it generally requires some spare part to get replaced. Dorman parts are often preferred by service stations thanks to their reliability and safety which last for years. Mechanics, in their turn, appreciate the easiness of installation that comes for all Dorman parts. However, if you decide to replace a spare part of your car on your own, there are plenty of do-it-yourself guidelines online where you can quickly look up how it’s done and safe even more money on the repair of your vehicle.

Dorman, as a supplier of car replacement and hardware parts for the automotive aftermarket, offers over a hundred thousand different items of car parts, including brake components and fasteners.
Dorman replacement parts are distributed by the following brands around the world:

  • Dorman OE, among which are intake and exhaust manifolds, oil radiators, pulleys, radiator fan assemblies etc.;
  • Dorman AutoGrade, among which there is a line for production of specific and general automotive equipment necessary for complete repair;
  • Dorman Help, among which are such replacement parts as switches, door fittings, interior fittings, retainer rings as well as repair kits and many others;
  • Dorman First Stop, which contains brake and clutch parts with over 8500 items;
  • Dorman Conduct-Tite, where there are electrical connectors, wires, tools, testers and accessories;
  • Dorman Scan-Tech which is located in Stockholm, Sweden, offers a full range of replacement parts for Volvo and Saab worldwide.

Here’s a shortlist of replacement parts manufactured by Dorman that are the most popular among the customers throughout the US:

Brake Master Cylinder

– fits a wide range of automobile apps. In addition Dorman suggests an original line of Master Cylinder replacement parts and Master Cylinder Repair Kits which can be obtained apart.

Climate Control Ambient Light Sensor

– effectively rates the brightness level in the environment to activate the headlamps in the dark, and the climate control at the day time. Replacing this spare part of the vehicle is crucial for comfortable and secure driving as well as keeping the power of the battery longer.

Oil Filter Housing

– indicates steel plugs covered with zinc chromate and anodized aluminum body. The engine oil filter bracket helps prevent rust and corrosion. Replacing returns appropriate functioning of the engine.

Exhaust Manifold

– whenever the exhaust manifold of your car is fractured or shaky, this spare part is an excellent choice. Its powerful tubular design is resistant to warps, cracks and leakages.

Power Steering Line

– a must-have replacement part to keep secure and sound operation of the power steering, this spare part’s assemblies are created for the best possible productivity.
Among them are also such Dorman spare parts as Sway Bar, Clutch Hydraulic Hose, Disc Brake Caliper Piston, Instrument Cluster, Engine Oil Pan, Exhaust Manifold Crossover Pipe, Steering Shaft, Control Arm, Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder Assembly, and Disc Brake Caliper Repair Kit.

Dorman store is an official distributor of Dorman products. You can order any replacement part with CARiD and you will get it on time, without having to wait for ages, or overpay extra costs. We have a great variety of Dorman replacement parts for different car makes and years – you name it we’ve got it. And the beauty of it is that the price starts from only a couple of dollars per unit!
CARiD has taken a place in aftermarket parts niche only a decade ago, and we’ve already become a well-known supplier of the top brands throughout the country. The key to our success is that we only deal with certified and well-tested manufacturers to avoid potential risks. Therefore we can always guarantee to our customers that all of their requirements will be satisfied 100%.
CARiD’s proven track record is approved by thousands of car owners who happen to be our loyal customers.

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