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Volvo XC60 – On the Way to Touch your Hearts

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Feel the Elegance back in Volvo XC60
Volvo XC60 – The inside story
Safety is meant for selling and no one knows it better to sell except Volvo. It has become the best company in launching SUV’s and normal sports and luxury cars. But, it has added a new star to its innovation by introducing Volvo XC60, which is said to be the best SUV till date in this world of cars. They are mostly useful in a perfect car driving experience with its sports look from the exterior side and stylish design in the interiors.
Features of Volvo XC60
Volvo XC60 is powered by 3.2L turbocharged V6 engine along with a six speed automatic transmission speed which is enough to travel rough and greater distances smoothly.2013_volvo_xc60
It also provides you with a standard recharging outlet of 110 volts which helps to complete charging within 7.5 hours.
If you think pulling a trailer can be done then yes Volvo XC60 does not disappoint you as it has a towing capacity of about 3300 LB.
An incredible combination of 240 HP and 236 ft. torque is just what an SUV like Volvo XC60 actually can give you as its best feature.
Svelte Journeys on the way
Volvo XC60 offers you the best safety measure by a feature called “City Safety”. When this feature is activated it senses the distance of the Volvo and the other car to avoid any kind of crash and gets the Volvo to a stop within seconds but if the Volvo is at higher speeds then there are less chances of this being successful. So, the other way you can enjoy a swift ride but with some extra precautions as well. The best part about Volvo XC60 is that it can travel better on snow covered roads, rough muddy terrains or even on hills.

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The Lamborghini Urus for Production in 2017

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Book Lamborghini Urus for your Bright Future
A status quo variety Lamborghini is an aspiration that lies in everyone’s eyes. Many of you would be on the lookout for new varieties of this car which would become a source of inspiration and a piece of aspiration. Among the many status quo cars, Lamborghini rages to be a popular among automobile lovers and tweeters.
So, when Egoista a concept car was launched, the CEO of Lamborghini promised the arrival of Urus a concept car variety of Lamborghini in the markets by 2017. So, from a status quo car that is just a piece of aspiration, the Lamborghini would become a regular drive on the road with the arrival of the Urus.
First Word
The first word of this piece of news was spread during the Beijing motor show where most famous and desired car companies stood out to launch their auto varieties. During the launch of Egoista, this news was confirmed by the CEO. Following the rules of production cycles developed by automobile companies, this launch was set for 2017.
The SUV Model
The first SUV model of Lamborghini was probably LM002 which was launched around 1980.
Fans have been stated to believe that the Urus variety is probably a successor to this LM002 version.
The engine output for the Urus is targeted close to 680 hp.
The engine would be a classic V8 with electric motors.
A powertrain configuration could be added to the Urus. This is just a suggestion not too sure on this one though.
All this is just an assumption being made by the fans regarding the Urus. Probably a lot of it is just false. What is surely true is that Urus is happening to this world in the year 2017. This news has been confirmed by parent company Audi during the launch.

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