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Green Cars for a Healthy Environment

by on Feb.17, 2012, under Car Accessories, Green Cars

Introducing the new F1 eco-green car model called the Air Car. The major highlight of this newly designed F1 car is the anti-pollution feature because it simply can work in clean air. Tata, an India-based company manufactured the new Air Car model. This latest car breakthrough is solely developed by a F1 McLaren who is a previous engineer and designer of F1 cars.  
The Air Car uses a so-called compressed air as fuel, which is present in 340L carboxylic cylinders and generated through a particular compressor as well. The most efficient way to refill and recharge the car is to connect the car’s compressor into a standard socket. The new Air Car has a maximum speed of 100 km/hr and can cover a range reaching the max of 200 kilometers between full refueling for 2 times. The appearance of the first Car Air by Tata was in 2008 specifically shown at the Indian Auto show rooms. The company is planning to produce air cars at least 6000 units every year and they are eyeing to export these remarkable cars in more than 10 countries worldwide including South Africa, Israel, Germany, and other major countries. There are other green eco-cars that are running with methane. Methane is considered to be a more pure fuel substitute compared to petroleum gasoline. Methane is often referred to as a dominant source gas that calls for the universal climate changing. The creation of the so-called “biogas” begins on combustion where the gas releases carbon dioxide, which results to a lesser green house effect in contrast to methane. Hence, it discharges lesser emissions every unit produced energy compared to coal or such other source of fuel. Methane can be easily acquired on animal and garbage dumps through this process. Through this process, we are basically combating with the sudden climatic changes.  Thus, biogas is considered to be the best perspective transitional phase towards ecology conservation with the use of biogas, then the use of bio-fuel mainly for hybrid engines. Green ecological cars may vary because of the visible presence of the so-called Gear box where methane is stored in a specific cylinder.
The demands of the bio cars are increasing especially in most European. The price of the Bio-fuel or ethanol is also increasing which is mainly used for public transportation nowadays. Today, many European nations are promoting the use of bio-fuel and eliminating the dependence on the traditional petroleum gasoline. The future of bio-automobile is now apparent with the emergence and supply of ethanol worldwide.

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