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How Green Cars Transform the Way we Live

by on Feb.22, 2012, under Car Accessories, Green Cars

It is amazing to see how vehicles today transform the way we live in reaching our destination from our home to school, work place or in the mall. However, in a retrospective point of view, car companies focus so much attention in innovating performances of engine, wheels and aerodynamics features to make it as light as possible yet durability and quality remain intact. Due to the erratic changes in our environment, pollution detriments our ecosystem brought about from car exhausts, factory fumes and industrial output waste. Thus, mechanical engineers have set the limits further to a new generation in inventing green cars not only for the benefit of the society but ultimately for the environment. 

Electric cars have already been made before but it did not attract the market of car industry. Probably, the mechanics were not pleased by car enthusiasts because of its snail-pace performance, lack of premium components for batteries and its price. Until the birth of biodiesel, people have open up the gates to modern and new driving for the environment. Companies like Verenium and Nova Biosource are currently building a better provision for renewable energy source and utilizing organic matter to help reduce petroleum oil and gas.

Green cars are immensely a trend now for hybrid cars. Literally, it is persuading the auto industry to activate the real mechanics of high-class dynamics. For instance, luxury cars such as Porsche, FIAT, Chevrolet, Mercedes and BMW are reinfusing turbo-charged batteries from various brands. Imagine if gasoline stations are loading electrical ionic charges rather than petroleum diesel, then conjugating fuel consumption will be less.

Because electric cars are the best highlights in runway car shows nowadays, meet these prestigious specs from the latest release of three best buys in the list: BMW, FIAT, and Ford 

BMW stormed the market when model ActiveE release its hybridized specs. With a hybrid synchronous motor built in a horsepower of 170 unit and 250 lb/ft of torque, this green vehicle achieves its record to emit zero unit of carbon dioxide. Though the key features weigh to a total of 1, 500 kilograms, BMW Company targets the driving range to the ActiveE model to 240 kilometers upon fully charge.

Gucci’s FIAT 500 of 2012 edition is simply overwhelming. Forget about fashion accessories and clothesline, this retro green car customizes the art of driving with High MPG green factor.  Fiat’s 1.2-liter 69 bhp engine offers light driving and firm suspensions. However, should you decide for a long journey with Fiat, automotive adviser recommends the 1.3-liter MultiJet diesel at the level of 95 bhp to prevent driving strains.

The Ford Focus SFE attributes one of the common green car series in America. This High MPG sedan maximizes the use of family at an affordable price. With Powertrain Control Module as engine electronics, 160 units of horsepower and 146 lb/ft of torque, the vehicle is explicitly versatile. In addition, the Focus SFE receives 28 MPG City and runs at 40 Highway MPG.


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The Best Green Cars for 2012

by on Feb.14, 2012, under Car Accessories, Formula1, Green Cars

The Ferrari 458 Italia is certainly in a league of its own with its unique exterior and interior color scheme patterns and designs. Lapo Elkann is the current manager of brand promotions at Fiat Automobile who introduced the Ferrari 458 Italia as one of his best car collections. It features 2 variations of the Fiat 500 and the Ferrari California. One of the highlights of the Ferrari 458 Italia is the fully green camouflage seats. It has the most exceptional interior design that you would definitely consider as overkill. The camouflage green patterns include the steering wheel, door trims, the dash accents and the seats as well.
One of the most anticipated supercars to be released anytime this year is the new Lexus LFA Nr 250. This new model from Lexus features a unique combination of white interior, green exterior trim, as well as the yellow painted brake calipers. As you all know, Lexus continues to deliver and produced LFA supercars to many countries all over the world. The new green Lexus LFA Nr 250 has already been out in the US market and the first lucky owner is yet to be revealed this year.
The Tesla Roadster was last spotted in Montreal Canada by a local reporter in December last year. It certainly stands out especially during extreme weather conditions at any time of the year. One of the greatest highlights of the Tesla Roadster is the so-called electric green paint that is very glossy and neat-looking exterior coating.
The most outstanding supercar for this year 2012 is the 1,000 horsepower Lamborghini Murceilago Roadster which is also referred to as the green machine or the so-called project go green. The Lamborghini Murceilago Roadster features a matte green paint and has a twin turbo and a massive 1,000hp engine. It is also considered to be as one of the wildest supercars that have been ever created considering its sheer power and the stunning looks as well. Nobody can steal your thunder when you drive this extreme-looking and sophisticated supercar.
One of the latest releases this year is the Alpina BMW 2012 B3 GT3 with the famous German car specialist. The new Alpina BMW B3 GT3 features a twin-turbocharged 6-cylinder and 3.0 liter engine, a new silencer rear, the increased output of 8hp, direct petrol infused engine, and the classic design elements of Alpina’s previous car models.

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Iraq racer from Greenpeace

by on Apr.08, 2009, under Fun, Green Cars

It is for “green cars” part of our blog. Looks like Iraq racers – the greenest in the world!!!

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